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On December 1, 2000, Genevieve Kirch of Roy, Utah, earned her Master of Education in Learning and Technology degree from WGU’s Teachers College, becoming our very first graduate. To commemorate the 15 th anniversary of her graduation, we checked in with Genevieve to see how her career and life have

Are you interested in teaching in beautiful, sunny Florida? Would you like to live near beaches and famous theme parks and be free of cold winters? If so, please join us for a teacher recruitment webinar with Polk County School District on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, at 8 p.m. EST

Jennifer Stone has been teaching for 16 years, with experience from first grade to middle school—and beyond, having even taught pre-service teachers and professional development. She currently teaches fourth-graders in Georgia, and over the summer, she took a college-level course that introduced her to an interesting idea: Comic books have

Fifth-grade science is all about electricity, magnets, and matter, teacher Susan Holtkamp says. But her classroom has no tools for teaching those concepts—and no budget for those tools. That’s why the 35-year teaching veteran, who recently changed schools and is starting her first year at the new school, is shopping

Baguettes: They’re not just for picnics anymore. Vicki Mazur is a math and computers teacher in California, the type of teacher who sees a need in her classrooms and fills it. For example, when she started teaching computer science after 15 years of being focused on math, she was dissatisfied

Vickie Witt is a teacher at Windy Gap Elementary School in Franklin County, Virginia, where she also has library duties. She has a master’s degree in reading and loves sharing a love of books with kids. In 2015, “love of books” includes e-books, and reading electronically is going to be

If you’ve ever sat through a grade-school math class, the image of a teacher standing at the blackboard and covering it with numbers and numbers and more numbers is a familiar image. And probably one that doesn’t fill you with excitement. Jonathen Willinger, who teaches fourth- through sixth-grade math and

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. That quote guides Traci Vicente, a special education teacher for the last 28 years, in her passion for helping kids with special needs learn, grow, and thrive. “I love the challenge and excitement

When Erin Fitzgerald completed her student teaching in an inner-city fifth-grade classroom, she noticed a big opportunity that was being missed: hands-on learning of science, math, and technology. A lack of supplies available was preventing teachers from getting students involved in the kinds of real-world, active projects that could “actually

She fixed your scraped knee after recess and helped you realize you love math. He introduced you to your first favorite novel and didn’t give up on you through that period of wannabe class-clownery. From earliest childhood on up, we’ve all had a number of teachers who have made major

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