WGU Makes the National Council for Teacher Quality Honor Roll

The Only Online University to Make the NCTQ Honor Roll

Make the NCTQ Honor Roll

In a recent report, the "NCTQ Teacher Prep Review," WGU was one of only 105 universities nationwide to be included on the NCTQ's Honor Roll. The NCTQ rated the teacher preparation programs of more than 1,100 colleges and universities nationwide, evaluating them based on national standards for content, pedagogy, classroom experiences, and outcomes, and assigning between 1 and 4 stars. WGU earned 3 out of 4 stars.

WGU's secondary education teacher preparation programs earned four stars in several important areas:

  • Student Teaching – WGU's program meets this standard fully because it provides student teachers with sufficient feedback and works closely with school districts to select the best teachers to supervise and mentor student teachers.
  • Common Core Middle School Content – According to NCTQ, WGU fully meets their standard because all certification pathways offered ensure that middle school teacher candidates have sufficient content knowledge in every subject they will be qualified to teach, including Middle School Mathematics and Middle School Sciences.
  • Common Core High School Content – WGU fully meets this standard because all high school teacher candidates have sufficient content knowledge in every subject they will be qualified to teach, including mathematics and science.
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  • Classroom Management – WGU's program earned four stars in this area because "…feedback provided to student teachers addresses their ability to establish a positive learning environment and standards of behavior, and also addresses how well they manage both minimally disruptive student behavior and significant student misbehavior."

If you want to become a teacher, our online teacher education programs are among the best in the country, outranking the programs offered by many traditional universities. We'll help you learn how to be an effective teacher, with courses in subject matter as well classroom management. And, we'll help you find a great student teaching experience at a school near your home.

Read the press release regarding WGU making the honor roll.

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