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1-Hour Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

1-Hour Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

Tulle and blue eyeshadow is enough for an over-night Halloween costume.

If the last thing on your list this month is what you’re going to be for Halloween and that’s not checked off yet, we truly get that! Consider a quick fix to the annual dress-up dilemma with one of these simple and silly disguises that you can put together overnight.

The Not-Scary Class Clown

In our opinion, it’s the make-up, not the goofy hair that makes a clown scary. So just wear a simple and silly wig, without the elaborate make-up, to show your students that you’re willing to clown around on the holiday.

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Use a red lipstick to paint the nose you have, instead of worrying about the round ball nose. Your students won’t have any nightmares with your name in it, and you can start to change the reputation that clowns are something to be feared.

1-Hour Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

Ice Queens Aren’t Just Frozen Playground Monitors

Do you have any blue makeup lying around the house? This may be the day you appreciate the cabinet full of every-makeup-color-known-to-man that your daughter’s storing in the bathroom.

All you need is blue eyeshadow or any other powdery blue makeup, and blue nail polish and you’ve got a costume. Put the eyeshadow on your brows, eyelids, cheeks, lips—yes, everywhere, essentially. Blend in some silvery-white powder, paint your nails the color you swore that you never would, and you, your Nordic majesty, will be Halloween royalty.

If you want to take it up another notch, cut the tulle off your wedding veil that’s been collecting dust for the past 10 years and wrap it around you like a scarf. We know that sounds rather cold and unsentimental, but with this, all of the little Elsas from Disney’s “Frozen” running around at your school will have nothing on you.

1-Hour Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

It’s Elementary School, My Dear Watson…

Or whichever grade you teach, Sherlock Holmes is an easy no-fail classic costume. Whether your students have read the Holmes stories or not, your best suit, a plastic pipe, and a dashing hat is all it takes to tell them you’re a formal English gentleman. When you add the magnifying glass, you’re the notorious sleuth.

Don’t worry about having the right hat—you don’t need the deerstalker cap that you commonly see in images of Sherlock Holmes. Someone in your family likely has an old flat cap, top hat, bowler, or even a trilby in the closet and those will work great too. “You know my methods, Watson. Apply them.”


1-Hour Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

Her Royal STEM Highness and Mad Scientist

As you know, tomorrow’s workforce won’t rule the world with tiaras, but hard hats and goggles. Dress as an onsite building engineer this year and remind your students that tomorrow’s experts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math will reign over almost every career in the universe.

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See if you can borrow an extra vest from the crossing guard closet at school, and with any type of hard hat and some rolled-up papers, your students will see you’re more than a construction worker. Or, with just a lab coat and bow tie, it’s easy to be a mad scientist—no lab equipment needed. As a matter of fact, you probably already wake up with the hair! Just twist it and mess it up some more, smear some dark powder eye shadow around your face and you’ll smoke out the others in the teachers’ costume contest.

1-Hour Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

Hi-ho the Derry-o…the Farmer in the Hall

Almost any straw hat and an old shirt will make you look like you’ve been out working in the fields. Craft stores also sell loose straw—stuff some handfuls in your jean pockets. If you braid your hair too, you will undeniably look like you’re ready to harvest crops rather than homework. 

1-Hour Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

Just remember, the goal with these get-ups is not to achieve a complete character transformation. Rather, consider these costumes as a way to just “garnish” your already-dashing good looks! One or two items is all it takes to say “clown” or “farmer,” usually a hat or some makeup and you’re done. And for this time-strapped holiday, that could be better than perfect.

Happy Harmless Hauntings!