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Why Join the Women in Technology Club

As a current WGU student, we hope you will consider becoming part of our club:

  • Learn about employment, social and other opportunities
  • Grow and develop as a leader through connection with others
  • Create and foster relationships with your local IT community
  • Peer to peer support
  • Teams channel - Networking, study halls, career opportunities & more

Join the Club

As an enrolled WGU student if you haven’t joined WGU’s Women in Technology Club then you are missing out on a lot of activities. WGU’s WinTech Club is advocating for more women in tech by providing leadership, professional development, networking, and mentoring education. Members benefit from interacting, connecting and learning from each other and industry leaders at various stages of their careers. You can expect a community of supporters and information relevant to the field of technology. Come network with other students, attend our monthly live events, discuss careers, search and post questions on various courses to gain valuable tips.

How to Join

Step 1: Visit the Club's Member Application Page

Women in Tech is now in the Owl's Nest! Join Women in Tech by going to and completing the challenge "Join Our WGU Women in Technology Club!" found in the WGU Affinity Groups channel. 

The Owl's Nest is a great place to earn network and engage with other WGU students and alumni and complete fun challenges, all while earning points towards WGU Swag!

Note: You must be a current WGU student or WGU alum to be eligible to join.

Step 2: Join the Microsoft Teams site
Note: You must first visit the club’s page before joining Teams. You should activate your Microsoft office 365 for WGU students, and use your WGU email address when joining the Teams site.


The Accountability group was created for club members in need of support as they work through their academic, career and personal goals. The group is a private channel on our Microsoft Teams site, and members can join on a rolling basis or exit the group whenever they want. Here, we are focused on each other's progress, blockers and challenges. We ask for help around problem solving, cheer each other on with each success, and the focus is being accountable to our goals.

  1. Create SMART goals. Make sure that it is a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goal. 
  2. Be honest. If you aren’t going into it 100%, you aren’t going to get what you need. Be prepared to get real in these meetings about what is happening with your goal. 
  3. Share your progress and challenges: Yes, we aren't just interested in your progress report but we want you to feel comfortable sharing your challenges too.
  4. Get ready to work on your actionable tasks. At the end of each meeting, each person walks away with a clear picture of what their next move is.
  5. Weekly check in: We meet every Thursday at 8pm EST on the Accountability group teams channel to check in on each other. This conversations are important because this is an opportunity to connect and see how we can support each other on this journey.