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Pride Month

Learn about how WGU Celebrates Pride Month

Every student is unique. We believe that your educational experience should be as unique as you are. We celebrate the differences in our students because we know that diversity brings strength—it's why we endeavor to be the most inclusive university in the world. WGU is bridging the gap between talent and opportunity.

We aim to recognize, support, and amplify students' voices while creating greater pathways to opportunities for students across the country. This focus drives us to offer high-quality, equitable higher education that is accessible regardless of your location or background. By putting degree opportunities within reach and improving access to learning, we advance equity for every student.

Join us as we celebrate Pride Month, and recognize how students and employees are making a difference in their communities around the country.

Zack Johnson giving commencement speech at podium

The Art of Caring: Zack Johnson’s Story

Zack Johnson is the type of person who was born to care for others. For Zack, caring is not just a job, it’s his greatest passion.

David Meade headshot

Pride Month Employee Spotlight: David Meade

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated each June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots and the continued work of fighting for equality and justice for the LGBTQ community. This Pride Month, WGU celebrates the story of David Meade.

"PRIDE Owls is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment that also expands access and opportunity for WGU's LGBTQ+ employees and students. Since the LGBTQ+ community tends to be invisible and individuals can feel isolated, PRIDE Owls provides a forum formembers to connect andestablish a sense of safety and belonging while alsowelcoming our Allies and those looking to expand their understanding ofthe LGBTQ+ community. PRIDE Owls also provides education, resources, and advocacy in support of WGU's LGBTQ+ employees and students."

–WGU Pride Owls

Advance Equity Speaker Series

As a self-proclaimed feminist, Wade Davis is part of Netflix’s team of inclusion experts that bring transformative solutions to build inclusive corporate cultures. He’s a former NFL player and the NFL’s first LGBT inclusion consultant. Before joining Netflix, Wade consulted for Google, P&G, and 21st Century Fox. He’s a UN Women Global Impact Champion and a Ms. Foundation for Women board member, as well as a Rutgers and NYU adjunct professor, and 2012 President Obama surrogate. Visit his website for more information on his work.

“A Discussion on Intentional Diversity: Former NFL player turned VP of Inclusion Strategy for Product at Netflix"

Wade Davis

Alumnus Salomon Torrescano

2020 WGU graduate and commencement speaker, Salomon Torrescano, is no stranger to challenges. He’s faced foster care, working to accept himself as gay, substance abuse, addiction, and losing loved ones. He has transformed his life and is now working to help others overcome the challenges they face.

Featured Articles

Wooden desk with a laptop, coffee cup, notepad, and phone

WellConnect Resource for WGU Students: Help Designed for Your Busy Life

WGU provides access to free counseling and support services for all active students. Through a partnership with WellConnect, WGU Night Owls can access online therapists 24x7.

Smaller rocks stacked on top of a bigger rock in the water

Creating A School Life Balance

While seasons change and time passes, there is no special occasion needed to work on creating a school and life balance!  Anytime is the perfect time to get organized and prepare yourself for the tasks that await you. Taking this time to prepare mentally and physically will help you stay focused and in balance as you work toward your goals. 

Woman holding a paper at a desk with a laptop while concentrating

Managing Financial Stress

Whether you’re a first-time student or returning an extended absence, staying on top of your finances is critical for your success. The best way to keep your head above water is to keep your financial life in order. That means you need to assess where your finances are, what burdens you may encounter, and if the time you spend working each day is maximized to benefit your wallet.

Woman sitting on yoga mat with a laptop

Incorporating Rest And Relaxation Into A Busy Schedule

Some people feel like they have to be productive or doing something all the time. As a college student, it can be even more difficult to find time to rest and relax with looming due dates and various responsibilities both in and outside of school.

Person holding a sign that says "Silence Allows Violence"

Domestic Violence Awareness

COVID-19 has greatly altered the way most people in the world live, forcing many out of their routines and into a situation of health and economic uncertainty.

A view from behind of person sitting on yoga mat working on a laptop

15 cyberbullying facts every educator should know

It’s an ugly reality that children and teens deal with every day. Cyberbullying is when someone uses electronic or digital communication to bully someone. This usually happens through messages that are intimidating or threatening.

A couple having a discussion while seated

Coping With Relationship Stress

Whether you’re starting to develop conflicts with your roommates or struggling to manage the complex personalities that exist within your family or with your loved ones, the stress that you experience can easily bleed into other areas of your life.

Blocks that spell out "Hope"

Suicide Prevention

Life is in a constant state of flux, and as our trajectories, relationships, responsibilities, physical health, and emotional wellbeing change, so does our ability to adapt to the stresses those changes can create.

Scholarships Available for Affordable Education

Scholarships are one of the many ways in which WGU removes obstacles from your path to achieving your education goals and improving your career opportunities.

Rise Above Grant

This scholarship will be awarded quarterly to a new MSN or health leadership student at WGU who exemplifies the spirit and commitment to leadership.

Sage Scholarship

A prestigious award toward tuition in most of WGU’s College of Health Professions degree programs. Recipients will be selected for their demonstrated activism or innovation in nursing that improves patient outcomes.

WGU 25th Anniversary Next Generation Scholarship

Moves and deployments greatly impact your ability to achieve a degree, but WGU can help you maintain your education on the go with our flexible, online education. Spouses of active duty military personnel, veterans, guard, and reservists are qualified to receive a Military Spouse Scholarship.