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Innovation in Education

WGU LABS invents, builds, and invests in innovative learning solutions that improve quality and advance educational outcomes for learners everywhere. Building on social psychology, learning science, and industry trends, WGU LABS accelerates EdTech startups and develops usable, effective educational resources and technologies built for implementation and scale. LABS employs efficacy testing with WGU students in real-world settings, ensuring that each product positively impacts student success.

"The potential of the combination of learning science and technology to improve the quality and impact of learning experiences is tremendous."

—Jason Levin
WGU LABS Executive Director

Be a Part of the Future of Education

Bring your ideas and know-how, and work with us.

Who Have We Worked With?

Partnering with Education Innovators and Startups

WGU LABS works with education innovators in their efforts to develop new learning solutions. Projects benefit student learning through research, technology development, and business development.  All projects are evaluated to ensure they positively impact the "whole learner" to improve their outcomes.