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We Make Flexible Education Accessible for Everyone

There's no one-size-fits-all solution to education. Each student is different in their motivations, life situation, work style, and pace. Additionally, each state has unique workforce needs, differing levels of accessibility to online courses, and other unique challenges. At WGU, we understand these differences and offer a flexible, reputable, and affordable education to fit specific needs.

How do we do it? In short, WGU supports the localized needs of states, businesses, and communities by partnering with state and regional affiliates to provide educational pathways. Each area of the country has different educational needs, and we currently partner with many local leaders to provide solutions to address those needs. We focus on topics like workforce enablement, expanding access, and improving college readiness. WGU currently has affiliates in 11 states and counting with staff dedicated to these specific states.

How WGU is Involved in Local Education Efforts

WGU is the largest university in the nation by enrollment, and while our coursework is offered almost exclusively online, we are committed to local education efforts with regional leadership and affiliates in many states. With an alumni network of over 339,000 spread across the country and more than 152,000 current students, we're proud to say that our graduates make a difference in their workforces and communities all throughout the nation.

We're student-centric and outcomes-oriented. With an education that's accessible anywhere, anytime, competency-based progression, and mentor support, WGU is custom-built for students who lack access to opportunities. Our local efforts are directly focused on ensuring students in different areas of the country are able to get the educational access they need. Our focus includes: 


total current students at WGU from across the United States
-August 31st, 2023


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-August 31st, 2023

Affiliations at the State Level

WGU encourages bipartisan support for education and works with state leaders to meet education needs. Every state has it own specific needs and challenges, and through close partnerships, WGU helps state policymakers find ways to serve states' entire populations. In establishing state-specific WGU affiliates, the school become eligible for state funding and the students gain access to state scholarships. State affiliations also give students an easier path to transfer local state or community college credits, allowing them to complete their WGU degree more quickly. 

WGU State Affiliates

Benefiting Students across the United States

“I think programs like WGU are extremely important, especially when you're in a rural area or somewhere that doesn't offer what you want or what you need and have the flexibility."

Sarah Aronack, MSN Leadership and Management