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Our Teams

Working Together for Our Students

WGU staff and students have a lot in common. We all have aspirations both personal and professional. We are ambitious and aim to be a part of something big. We all want to live our best lives and inspire others to do the same. Here’s your opportunity to be a part of something truly special, to do meaningful work every day, to impact the lives of students who want to discover and develop their true potential. WGU has a powerful mission, an outstanding nationwide team, and major plans to share our competency-based higher education model far and wide—and we need your help to make it happen. Join us on our journey to guide every student in their journey to find the light in themselves—so they can shine it brightly for all their family, friends, and future to see. 


Students interact with three types of faculty at WGU: Program Mentors, Course Instructors, and Evaluators. Every faculty member is an expert in their field and their #1 job is empowering students toward success. How do they do it? Find out here. Other faculty positions that support students, but don’t have direct contact are Program Developers, Assessment Developers, and Academic Business Process.  

Staff & Corporate

Calling all number crunchers, creative types, and communicators extraordinaire. WGU is always on the lookout for new talent to join our diverse and exciting workforce, dedicated to helping thousands of students achieve their dream of earning a degree. Find the feel-good career you’ve been looking for among the following teams at WGU: 

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Student Services
  • Marketing
  • Public Policy, PR, and Communications
  • People and Talent
  • Enrollment

Educational Technology/IT

EdTech brings together individuals of different backgrounds, cultures, and professional talents, who work together to create an outstanding experience for WGU students. A place where learning and innovation thrive, they use modern development methodologies and tooling such as DevOps, CI/CD, Docker, and AWS to solve meaningful problems at scale. 

  1. We support all learners in achieving their educational goals anytime, anywhere, on any device, in any educational program.
  2. All student journeys should be self-service by design with options for direct interaction when stakes are high, or students require emotional or other support.
  3. We protect the privacy and integrity of WGU student data, employee data, and institutional IP. We carefully follow industry accepted security principles and methods to ensure our unspotted reputation.
  4.  We empower our people to innovate on behalf of students. We invest in attracting, developing, and retaining high-performing team members, and we provide them with automation and tools to be successful.
  5. Flawless solutions are not possible, so we leverage mechanisms to find and correct our mistakes as early as possible. We also use mechanisms to learn from our mistakes and prevent errors from recurring.
  6. Tuition is sacred. We ruthlessly prioritize the most valuable work with our stakeholders.
  7. Delivery earns trust. We achieve this with our stakeholders through clear responsibilities, shared vision, aligned goals, transparency, and accountability mechanisms. 
  8. It is better to build for the future than put patches on the past. We design our infrastructure and software to meet current and future needs.
  9. We build the core solutions that differentiate WGU. We augment those solutions with strategic partners who meet our high SLAs, simplify or complement our current stack, and align with the best interests of our students and WGU.
  10. The best decisions are guided by insights from relevant data. Data is an asset that we protect and use to drive better outcomes.


Our regional teams provide personal outreach to a variety of organizations, schools, businesses, and government entities. They also help build a sense of community for local employees as well as our network of over 200,000 alumni coast to coast.

Regional hubs are:

  • Clayton, MO
  • Columbus, OH
  • Durham, NC
  • Franklin, TN
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Kent, WA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Jersey City, NJ

Region-Based Roles

  • Strategic Partnership Managers: They create and nurture relationships between WGU and a variety of businesses and organizations with the goal of WGU becoming their higher ed provider. They also work with these partners to provide benefits such as tuition discounts and reimbursement.
  • Communications: This team works with local PR companies and news organizations to get the word out about WGU, our events, and scholarships.
  • Community Relations: Connects with and works with various organizations that are connected to higher education.
  • Government Relations: They lobby state legislatures on behalf of WGU, keeping abreast of current and upcoming bills of importance to WGU and higher education in general.
  • Regional Vice-Presidents: Besides leading the regional organizations, they meet with industry leaders and are active in state educational organizations. They work to procure state scholarship funds, and will speak to state legislatures when needed.

WGU-Affiliated Entities

WGU has launched new operating entities to provide direct-to-learner and indirect offerings through which we can serve many more people. WGU’s “10x Vision” is our approach to transformative impact on how higher ed is accessed, delivered, experienced, and attained.

WGU is committed to expanding our reach and access for learners, providing innovative solutions leveraging educational technologies, and partnering with other businesses and organizations to accelerate their missions to better serve, not just our students, but all students and learners in overcoming obstacles to success.

We invent—and prove—new models for learning and earning. We use our influence as a thought leader to effect transformation throughout the ecosystem. We believe in the inherent worth of every individual and that education is the greatest catalyst for changing lives. We believe that having a tenfold impact will result in changing millions of lives.

Realizing the promise of education and learning for all individuals—this is the mission of our WGU 10x Affiliated Entities. They include WGU Advancement, dedicated to advancing the mission, vision, and goals of Western Governors University and its affiliates; WGU Academy, an alternative starting point for a WGU degree; WGU Labs, which invents, builds, and invests in innovative learning solutions; University Development (UD), identifies the optimal investments of time and resources in initiatives that maximize the impact of WGU’s mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

Apply today for an amazing tomorrow.

If you are looking to make an impact in a growing organization that is transforming education across the U.S., then there’s no time like now.