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Our Voices

Hear from our incredible workforce, in their own words.

Representing a vast array of departments and walks of life, here’s what WGU employees eagerly had to share about how their individual roles play an important part in WGU’s unified mission to help students thrive and succeed. 

“Here at WGU, I feel that we all share a common purpose, and a deep commitment to the good work we do in changing people’s lives. I’ve worked at places where some share that commitment, while others are clearly heading in a different direction. In my time here, I’ve felt that everyone—from the newest hire to the president—are working to a common purpose, that we believe in and value the same things. We may have different approaches, and we may try things that don’t work, but if we are all doing it for the right reason, we will keep getting better. That’s an amazing feeling. I’ve very proud of the day-to-day work of our team. There are definitely highlights, but maintaining a consistent focus on our students, and ensuring that we provide a great workplace for our colleagues, is the most important part of my job. I’ve recently had the privilege of working with a number of our faculty and managers in the School of Business on two important initiatives for employee camaraderie and professional development—both of those are newly launched and I can’t wait to see where they go.”

Tricia Polley-Culberth, MBA, M.Ed.
Senior Manager, Program Faculty - School of Business

“I feel so blessed to be a part of WGU. I am going into my 5th year here and I can’t express how happy I am with my job. I believe part of this feeling is the fact that we all work towards a common goal together as a team. If one doesn’t find the way, there is always someone else giving you a hand to help you get up and continue the journey. This is especially true with the students. We are here to give them a hand to find their purpose in life. 

"As a Latin American (Hispanic) educator, I want to help our community find their purpose in life because we all matter in this world. Which is why I am so proud to be a founding member of our new LatinX Owls Group. I think this is an important time at WGU because a group like this is given the opportunity for employees from all the department to collaborate and help reach WGU’s goals and most importantly, to give a hand to all those individuals who want to reach their purpose.”

Cristina P. Valentino, Ed.D.
Instructor, Teachers College

“I’ve hired many people on the engineering side since I’ve started, and every one of them is working on advancing our technology on our next-gen platform to better our student experience. Our EdTech organization is full of talented people, and knowing that I’ve helped in hiring many of these individuals, which will help WGU grow and accomplish our goals, has made my experience that much more rewarding. It’s also very encouraging to me that WGU is always willing to change and adapt our systems and processes if it makes sense, which ultimately is about helping our students thrive and succeed.”

Seth Davis
Senior Executive Talent Acquisition Partner - Technical