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WGU Advancement

Making a Difference for Individuals

Since its founding, WGU Advancement has dedicated itself to making high-quality, career-based education affordable and attainable for all by increasing and improving access to higher education and accelerating innovations in learning on behalf of students. WGU Advancement partners with foundations, corporations, associations, employees, students, and alumni to support scholarships, explore new learning models, and implement new technologies that reinvigorate the promise of higher education.

Help Us Make a Difference

Find out how you can work with WGU to make the dream of education attainable for everyone.

Make a 2022 End-of-Year Gift

As 2022 comes to a close, consider supporting WGU's students and mission with a donation. Your generous gift supports important student funds—such as the Fellow Night Owls Scholarship, the Online Access Scholarship, and the Student Emergency Aid Fund—that help current Night Owls achieve their dreams.

Please consider making an end-of-year charitable donation to support WGU's mission and our students. Make your gift by December 31, 2022 to take advantage of the IRS charitable contribution tax deduction for 2022.

Click here to make your donation. We thank you in advance for your generosity!

Access to Opportunity

Talent is everywhere, but access to opportunity is not. Higher education is the best way to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, and WGU Advancement is committed to expanding access to better support learners.

There are many ways to create opportunities through WGU. You can donate to scholarships, the Student Emergency Aid Fund, broadband access, and the development of other projects at WGU that identify and knock down barriers to higher education. With the support of these initiatives, more students can enroll in college, earn their degrees, and achieve their dreams.

Accelerating Innovation

Traditional higher education wasn't built for the realities facing many of today's students. At WGU, we innovate with students in mind, giving them the flexibility and freedom they need to succeed.

Donors who support innovation at WGU join us by investing in the future of education. Since WGU Advancement's launch, we have been privileged to work with some of the nation's leading philanthropic foundations and corporations committed to investing in the future of higher education.

Join Our Loyal Donor Community

Each year, thousands of people just like you donate to WGU. Because of their continued generosity, we’ve provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of financial aid to help WGU students. It's one reason why in 2021 WGU awarded more than $23 million in scholarships.

Join our community of over 3,000 loyal donors who are breaking down financial barriers for future WGU grads. Every dollar you give goes directly to supporting students. Even if you can only offer $10 a year, your generous donation goes a long way. Make a difference today.

Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 29. Celebrate by taking a few minutes to support future WGU Night Owls through a contribution to the Fellow Night Owls Scholarship, Online Access Scholarship, or Student Emergency Aid Fund. Your generous offering will assist students by providing them financial pathways to opportunity. Save the date and donate to make a difference. 

WGU Is Changing Higher Education and
WGU Advancement Makes It Possible

Since its founding, WGU has attracted the attention and support of generous contributors who recognize the need to reinvent higher education and who share our vision of affordable, accessible higher education for all. If you're passionate about giving people an opportunity to advance their careers and achieve their dreams, we invite you to join us by making a gift to support our work. Your gift—whatever the amount—will change the lives of students and their families.

—Annalisa Holcombe
President, WGU Advancement

Advancement by the Numbers

WGU Advancement had a banner year in 2021—particularly when it came to enabling us to support our students through a global pandemic. 

3,371 donors contributed 12,087 gifts totaling $15,573,032 in 2021. 

Of all gifts received, 53% were from alumni, 16% were from students, 27% were from staff and faculty, 4% were from WGU Board members, friends, foundations, and corporations. 

In 2020, our donors helped raise $690,123 for scholarships including the WGU Employees Give Back Scholarship, the Fellow Night Owls Scholarship, and the Online Access Scholarship. 

We raised $159,072 for the WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund, established in March as the pandemic rippled across the country. The fund provided more than 4,500 students with emergency non-tuition aid in 2020.