Career Options for Graduates with a Human Resource Degree

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Marketing degree

A business degree in Human Resources opens the door to many lucrative career opportunities. Flexible online business degree programs make it affordable to earn your BS in Human Resources while you work and raise a family. If you want to increase your salary, improve your chances at career advancement, or even switch fields, consider an online university that offers this degree program.

An Online Degree Program

For instance, Western Governors University (WGU) offers a BS in HR Management. You’ll graduate from the program with a portfolio, created with guidance from your personal mentor, and a completed Capstone project, which includes oral and written components. The experience, skills, and knowledge you gain through this accredited online business degree program will help you find a job in a variety of well-paying fields.

The Changing Face of HR

Human resource managers today do much more than hire employees and manage employee benefits. More and more, today’s HR managers take a large role in a corporation or organization’s strategic planning. An HR degree also opens up a host of other job opportunities. BS — HR Management graduates go on to become:

  • A critical part of a training & development team
  • Employment, recruitment or placement specialists
  • Personnel managers
  • Labor relations managers
  • Arbitrators and mediators

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