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College of Business Career Guides

What does a Career in Business Look Like?

Two employees shake hands because of a job well done.

There are many opportunities you can pursue with the help of a business degree. If you're interested in leading teams, analyzing numbers, developing strategy, and connecting with an audience, a career in business may be exactly what you're looking for. With a degree in business, your career path can take many different directions. Below are some examples of careers that can be attained with a degree in business.

Getting the right degree is key in preparing you for different types of business careers. There may be specific skills you will need in order to have the knowledge and experience to succeed in any given career.

Bachelor's Degrees

Master's Degrees

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Project Manager Career

Career Counselor Career

CEO Career

Business Teacher Career

Director Career

COO Career

Sports Management Career

Product Manager Career

Sales Representative Career

Business Manager Career

Marketing Manager Career

Restaurant Manager Career

Executive Recruiter Career

Guest Relations Manager

Insurance Manager Career

Operations Manager Career

HR Officer Career


HR Manager Career

Hotel Manager Career

Business Analyst Career

Banker Career

C-Level Executive Career

Manager Career

HR Director Career

CFO Career

Supply Chain Manager Career

Investment Manager Career

Budget Analyst Career

Underwriter Career

Insurance Agent Career

Media Analyst Career

Copywriter Career

Brand Manager Career

SEO Manager Career

Logistics Manager Career

Fundraising Coordinator Career

Digital Marketer Career

Mortgage Broker Career

Art Director Career

Content Marketing Specialist Career

Digital Marketing Specialist Career

Client Success Manager Career

Marketing Analyst Career

Media Buyer Career

Financial Planner Career

Financial Manager Career

Business Operations Manager Career

Investment Banker Career

Impact Investing Analyst Career

Commercial Banker Career

Business Development Officer

Purchasing Manager Career

Insurance Advisor Career

Business Operations Specialist Career

Credit Analyst Career

Facilities Manager Career

Management Consultant Career

Business Consultant Career

Industrial Production Manager Career

Emergency Management Specialist Career

Partner Marketing Manager Career

Leadership Consultant Career

Sustainability Manager Career