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WGU SHRM Virtual Student Chapter

You Won't Want to Miss Out on These SHRM Opportunities!

Are you taking full advantage of your opportunities in the WGU School of Business?

If you're pursuing a WGU business degree, the Society for Human Resource Management is a great place to make connections and get opportunities.

As a business leader, SHRM membership will help you stay informed on innovative and forward-thinking practices surrounding today’s global workforce. You can benefit from SHRM membership with educational events and webinars, guest speakers, networking opportunities, resume building opportunities, connections to other WGU students in business, and much more! Learn more about what SHRM offers at

As a member of the world’s largest HR association, your affiliation with SHRM gives you access to incredible resources.  Whether you are already a HR or business professional or planning on becoming one, SHRM offers various tools to aid you on your career path.

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Upcoming Educational Events for 2024

June 6, 2 to 3 pm MST – WGU School of Business HR Faculty host a Networking Mixer! (Password: ZQnfTEzs324)

June 11, 12 to 1 pm MST – Jeremy Hardin presents “Articulate Your Value: The Tips and Tools for Building a Winning Resume” Hosted in conjunction with WGU National Black MBA Association.  (Password: 4AEhcFbni32)

July 10, 2 to 3 pm MST – Dr. Carrie Picardi presents “HR Strategic Planning and Support” (Password: NRzUvX7ME56)

August 14, 12 to1 pm MST – Dr. April Kinchen presents “Transferable Skills for Working in HR” (Password: Aw3PEH7PDX9)

September 13, 12 to 1 pm MST – WGU SHRM and WGU National Black MBA Association host their annual joint DEI and Leadership Trivia Event! (Password: SnqiRftD657)

September 18, 1 to 2 pm MST – Dr. Goran Trajkovski presents “Aye, Aye, AI! HR Technology and the Impact of AI and Tech Tools on HR” (Password: M3RaNWXrM37)

October 2, 12 to 1 pm MST – WGU Career and Professional Development Services presents “An Overview of WGU Career and Professional Development Resources for Students and Alumni" (Password: PZiyZpgC523)

October 3, 1 to 2 pm MST – Demetrius Norman presents “Eligibility and Preparing for the SHRM-CP Exam!”. This session is open to all WGU School of Business students. (Password: Dqpqatb8x36)

October 21, 12 to 1 pm MST – WGU Career and Professional Development Services presents “HR Career Prep Boot Camp” (Password: NUzmiy358qe)

December 13, 7 to 8 pm MST – WGU SHRM Executive Council hosts the Annual Open Chapter Meeting! (Password: mCApJvHn834)


Past Events

January 18 - “Mastering the Transition from Individual Contributor to Manager/Leader” - hosted in conjuction with WGU NBMBAA

February 15 - Tim Melone presents “Leadership and How Leaders Impact Organizational Culture” (Password: Gc5mvpz*)

April 18 – April Kinchen presents “DEI Strategies: Tools and Tips to Get Started” (Password: iaVHiT3qe43)

May 1 – Kim Lamontagne presents “The Four Pillars of Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces” Hosted in conjunction with WGU National Black MBA Association. (Password: Pk95GdwVhD8)

May 9 – Demetrius Norman presents “Eligibility and Preparing for the SHRM-CP Exam!”. This session is open to all WGU School of Business Students. (Password: dMEesm*8)

January 5 - “Fireside Chat with Stuart Andrews: Coaching, Culture, and Transformation”

January 24 – “Leveraging the Power of Relationships in Career Development” with Daniel Horgan from SHRM

February 6 – “Eligibility and Preparing for the SHRM-CP” with Demetrius Norman from SHRM

March 6 – “American Sign Language: Basics of ASL and Inclusive Application of Best Practices for HR Professionals” with Dana Cobbs from WGU

March 7 – “Avoiding Burnout: How Culture Impacts Well Being” with Julie Turney from HR@Heart Consulting

March 14 – “Disability Inclusion Strategies” with Ben Trockman from Change for Balance

April 12 – “A Career in Total Rewards - Everything You Ever Wondered and More!” with Megan Nail from NFP Insurance Brokerage         

April 25 – “Dominating the Workplace as a Veteran: Are you Ready?” with Trina Norman from WGU

April 28 – “Unlocking Talent Through Leadership Development & Coaching” with Aditi Patil from Wipfli

May 9 – “Benefits of Getting Involved with Your Local SHRM Chapter” with Debra Gates from WGU

May 24 – "Your Role in Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace" with Dr. Joseline Castanos and Dr. Ashley Dugger, in collaboration with WGU National Black MBA Association Virtual Club

June 28 – “To Get the Job, You Gotta Get on Camera: Video Resumés & Your Future” with Alton James from WGU

July 11 – “Day in the Life: HR Director” with Dr. Patricia Morgan from WGU

July 26 - "Leveraging Linked In for Job Searching and Networking Success" with Dr. Ebony Mason, Dr. Patricia Morgan, and Dr. April Kinchen from WGU

August 21 – “Eligibility and Preparing for the SHRM-CP” with Demetrius Norman from SHRM

September 13 – “WGU Career Services: Are You Leveraging Their Resources?” with WGU Career Services

October 10 – “Day in the Life: HR Business Partner” with Kirk Daines from WGU

November 8 – “HR Career Prep Boot Camp” with WGU Career Services

January 25, 2022: Sana Rasul, Chief Girlfriend, "HR Career Planning and Networking"

February 10, 2022: Demetrius Norman, Senior Specialist - Academic Programs and Initiatives, "Eligibility and Preparing for the SHRM-CP"

February 23, 2022: Danielle Diaz, HR Manager, "The Value of Education and Human Resources", (Q&A Available Here)

March 16, 2022: Meg O'Connell, CEO and Founder, "Disability Inclusion in the Workplace"

April 8, 2022: Mark Schaerrer, VP of Human Resources, "The Impact of Empathy in the Workplace"

April 27, 2022: Dana Cobbs, Manager, Instruction Faculty, "Basics of American Sign Language"

May 12, 2022: Dana Cobbs, Manager, Instruction Faculty, "Inclusive American Sign Language Application"

June 3, 2022: Dr. Nicole Whitehead, Chief Human Resources Officer, "Taking the Plunge: Starting Your Own HR Consulting Business!"

July 13, 2022: Dr. Ted Cross, Associate Dean, "Personal Leadership, Meaning, and 4-Way Wins"

August 4th, 2022: "Career Prep Bootcamp" with WGU Career Services

August 19, 2022: Demetrius Norman, Senior Specialist - Academic Programs and Initiatives, "Eligibility and Preparing for the SHRM-CP"

September 12, 2022: DEI Trivia: WGU SHRM and National Black MBA Association

September 14, 2022: Dr. Ashley W. Dugger and Dr Sean Wall-Carty, hosted by the WGU National Black MBA Association, "Leveraging Humor to Strengthen Workplace Relationships"

September 15, 2022: Dr. Ashley Dugger and Dr. Sean Wall-Carty, Program Chair and Course Instructor, Annual Open Chapter Meeting

November 4, 2022: Jennifer Rhodes and Kristen McKnight, Career Advisors and Professional Development Services, "WGU Career Services: Are You Leveraging Their Resources?"

January 15, 2021 Beth Conlin, Sr. Program Manager—Military Spouse Programs at Amazon "Importance of Employee Support Programs for Military Spouses"

February 12, 2021 Dr. Brian Ward, Course Lead—HR Evaluation, WGU "The Impact of Culture on Hiring"

March 17, 2021 Dr. Becky Melton, Instructor, WGU "ADA in the Workplace: Using your Curiosity and Logic to your Advantage"

March 27, 2021"Virtual Community Service Day: Live Event with Warrior Rising"

April 7th, 2021. Dr. R Austin Arenz, "The Intersection of HR and Healthcare"

May 14, 2021Jason Thompson, VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, WGU "Building Successful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs"

May 17, 2021, 12–1 pm MST. Dr. Josh Plaskoff, Senior Social Emotional Learning Analyst, WGU  "SEL for Personal and Professional Development"

June 11, 2021, 12–1 pm MST. Demetrius Norman, Academic Specialist, SHRM "Preparing for the SHRM CP Exam!"

June 14, 2021, 2–3 pm MST. Dr. Nicole Whitehead, CHRO, Joliet Junior College "A Day in the Life of a Chief Human Resources Officer"

June 24, 2021, 10 am–2 pm MST. “WGU Virtual Business Career Fair

July 19, 2021, 12–1 pm MST. Sheena Blauvelt, Director of Human Resources, USANA Health Sciences "Developing Strategies for Sustainable Learning and Development"

August 26, 2021, 4–5 pm MSTTyler Merril, Executive Talent Acquisition Partner and Heidi Monteirth, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at WGU "A Day in the Life of a Talent Acquisition Partner"

September 20, 2021, 2–3 pm MST. James Cathcart, Senior Specialist – Learning and Talent, WGU "Disrupt Yourself: Innovation Through Comfortable Discomfort"

October 28, 2021, 2–3 pm MST. Jennifer Rhodes and Kristen McKnight, Career Services Advisors at WGU "Career Services at WGU"

January 6: Jeff Baird, Speaker, Trainer, Manager of Data and Integration Services at doTERRA, IT Career Hacking, & Like Abilities presents "Using Body Language to Create Influence and Trust"

January 24: WGU Program Mentors Teresa Cross, Karen Toney Brown, April Kinchen, Donnis McPhaul, and Dolores Grady, present "Everything You Wanted to Know About HR Functions…Condensed!"

February 5: Hilary Simon, Senior Social & Emotional Learning Analyst at WGU presents an "SEL Overview"

February 12: WGU Program Architect Racheal Killian presents "SEL-Self-Awareness and Self-Management"

February 19: Joseph Cervantes, WGU SEL Specialist, presents "SEL - Interpersonal Communication, Executive Function, and Social Awareness"

March 7: Dr. Ashley Dugger of the WGU SHRM Chapter's Community Service Day presents Community Volunteer Projects for the Chapter! See below for more.

March 11: WGU Program Mentor April Kinchen presents "HR Department of 1"

April 29: Hal Halladay presents "Beyond the Rut of Success: The Breakthrough Mindset"

May 20: Nicole Whitehead presents "What Difference Does Difference Make: The Impact of Diversity"

June 2: Mark Coldren presents "Succession Planning and Talent Pipeline"

June 3: Demetrius Norman presents "Importance of the SHRM-CP Certification and How to Prepare for the Exam"

July 10Kirk Daines presents "A Day in the Life of an HR Business Partner"

July 31: Celeste Morgan and Chapter President present "Book Club Review and Discussion" on the book "Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success" by Dawn Graham

August 3: Kevin Cummings presents "Conflict 101"

September 14: Patricia Morgan presents "Intergenerational Recruiting"

October 12: Bruce Stetar presents "SHRM Convos and Coffee: Workplace Culture"

November 3: Jennifer Rhodes and Michael Kimball-Bryant present "Career Services at WGU"

November 5: Ashley Dugger presents “Open Chapter Meeting for all Members”

SHRM Chapter Blog Articles

More Articles about Human Resources

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Your SHRM Student Membership will give you access to a wide array of valuable resources covering HR- and business-related topics, including:

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WGU SHRM Student Benefits

Make sure you take advantage of the invaluable opportunities that are available to members of our WGU SHRM virtual student chapter!

  • Collaborate with seasoned HR professionals.
  • Work towards achieving the distinction of the SHRM Student Chapter Merit Award.
  • Network on LinkedIn with fellow WGU SHRM virtual student chapter members, as well as the members of 250 other SHRM student chapters across the country.
  • By chartering the WGU SHRM virtual student chapter, develop highly marketable leadership skills.
  • Increase your business and HR knowledge by participating in WGU SHRM virtual student chapter webinars and events.
  • Make your WGU degree even more affordable by applying for the WGU SHRM Leadership Scholarship, valued at up to $2,500.

Awards and Merits

SHRM awarded the 2022-2023 Superior Merit Award designation to the Western Governors University SHRM student chapter for providing superior growth and development opportunities to its student members.

SHRM awarded the 2021-2022 Superior Merit Award designation to the Western Governors University SHRM student chapter for providing superior growth and development opportunities to its student members.

SHRM awarded the 2020-2021 Merit Award designation to the Western Governors University SHRM student chapter for providing excellent growth and development opportunities to its student members.

SHRM awarded a 2019-2020 Honorable Mention Award designation to the Western Governors University SHRM student chapter for providing great growth and development opportunities to its student members.

The Society for Human Resource Management has analyzed WGU's Human Resource Management bachelor's degree and found that it aligns with SHRM's recommended minimum standards, integrating the HR components that are most relevant for new human resource professionals. 

Why Join WGU's Virtual SHRM Student Chapter?

"WGU's Virtual SHRM chapter has given me a supportive outlet where I can ask questions, learn and connect with my peers and advisors, and even get reminders about upcoming webinars, jobs and internships! Since joining, I have been able to take advantage of so many more opportunities that I didn't even know were available to me."

—Katerina LaRo

"To become a member in the SHRM WGU Virtual Chapter is to create and enhance not only the engagement of yourself in the industry, but emphasize the importance of networking in Human Resources. As a person who has first-hand experience in the benefits of collaborating with other HR professionals, the Chapter creates an environment where people are able to interact with one another for the first time with seasoned and incoming members of the workforce. This blended audience approach can create information sharing, career opportunity and collaborative learning."

—Terrance Rosales

“It’s amazing what you can learn from others in your industry. A big part of HR is staying up to date and the best way to do that is communicating with your peers. The WGU SHRM group is great for sharing helpful advice, ever changing employment laws, and other valuable resources with other students.”

—Yolanda Pirela

"I initially joined SHRM because it was a great way to socially connect with other online students in my field. What I didn't expect were the additional resources that have been useful in my day to day role in HR. I have found valuable articles, training, and networking opportunities that have helped me expand my career. I encourage others to participate and learn more about WGU's SHRM chapter."

—Cindy Berry

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In order to join the WGU SHRM virtual student chapter , you'll need to currently be enrolled at WGU and be a SHRM Student Member. If you have a current SHRM professional membership, you would need to change to a student membership in order to join the chapter. If you have questions or concerns about switching from a professional membership to a student membership, you can speak with a SHRM representative at 1.800.283.7476. The WGU SHRM virtual student chapter number is #5773.

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Chapter Mission Statement

The WGU SHRM Virtual Student Chapter exists to connect students to the professional Human Resource community; to provide a place for mutual learning, networking, and support; to strengthen the link between students and professional association membership and benefits; and to provide an atmosphere of ongoing, creative learning and application related to human resource principles and practices.

Student Executive Council Meetings for 2024-2025

  • March 22, 2024 1pm-2pm MST
  • May 24, 2024 1pm-2pm MST
  • August 23, 2024 1pm-2pm MST
  • January 24, 2025 1pm-2pm MST

To send the Executive Council items for discussion or request to attend a chapter meeting, please email the faculty advisors at no later than one week before the scheduled meeting.

Student Executive Council Members

Hope Clippinger, President

Hope Clippinger was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. As a teenager, she was convinced she would attend university and begin a middle school math teacher career.

Unfortunately, a few attempts at different higher education institutes and some years living in Fresno, and San Diego, CA, and Notre Dame, IN (South Bend) led her back to Memphis. Before leaving for those other cities, she also began working in the Higher Education business field. Hope's time in Indiana was at Notre Dame, where she finally found her connection and passion for business, administration, and human resources through her career with the Executive MBA program. Her career in higher education business continued for the next 20 years at the University of Memphis.

At the University of Memphis, Hope wore many hats as the only business professional in an engineering research department. Her responsibilities included Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Purchasing, Marketing, Customer Experience, and Conference Planning. At times, there were challenges, but Hope is sure that this wide breadth of work successfully led her to Western Governors University and the completion of her bachelor's degree.

Hope began at WGU in April 2022 and is working on her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Management. Hope's Mentor is Drew Leon, and she enjoys checking in with him twice a month. She encourages everyone to work closely with WGU Mentors and Faculty, use their first names, and build lasting relationships that carry on into their career years.

Although Hope is not a Human Resources major, she strongly feels that all students in the business field should be highly knowledgeable in HR facts and trends. As a returning student, single mother, disability services recipient, and caretaker for an older parent, Hope knows it is vital for employees to have after-hire representation and pre-hire attractive employment offerings.

There are other things to know about Hope, and she is eager to get to know all WGU SHRM Virtual Club members. She is available to any member for casual chats, study time, and career chats. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

To contact Hope, email

Terrance (Terry) Rosales, Chapter Ambassador

Terry comes from over a decade of Human Resources experience at all levels across the private, non-profit and government sectors of the industry. With certifications in HR and DEI from both HRCI and SHRM, Terry has dedicated themselves to becoming a well-rounded mentor for future up and coming HR prospects to help them find their way through their career path.

Terry is currently the Payroll and HRIS Administrator for the City of Portland, being able to stretch their skillset across the HR, IT and Finance world. They have been a student with WGU since 2018, accomplishing their HR Management Bachelors and Masters, MBA, as well as their Management and Leadership Master’s program as well. Terry hopes to finish their WGU career with their BSIT I'm 2025. They were formerly the WGU SHRM Chapter President in 2021 and have returned in another role to act as support for the leaders of the chapter and to continue stretching information and influence across the network the chapter has developed. 

To contact Terrance, email

Jessica Whorton, Chapter Ambassador

Jessica is an eleven-year breast cancer survivor, advocate, and human resources professional. After her breast cancer diagnosis, she found renewed passion for life and a desire to help others. She is currently pursuing a degree in Human Resources from WGU and hopes to use her education and experience to help cancer survivors re-enter the workforce. In her free time, Jessica enjoys knitting, spending time with her family, and volunteering for causes related to cancer survivorship. 

She brings warmth, wisdom beyond her years, and a drive for positive change to all that she does. Jessica's story inspires people to make the most of every day.

To contact Jessica, email

Faculty Advisors

Sean Wall-Carty, Primary Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sean Wall-Carty holds a PhD in Human Resources Management from North Central University. He also earned an MBA in Human Resources Management, a bachelor’s degree in business management, and an associate degree in business all from the University of Phoenix. His prior experience includes graduate level college teaching, leadership seminars, training classes, and consulting. His corporate experience includes a blend of supporting the human resources functions for profit retail businesses, children focused non-profit missions, and local government leadership. During his off-time Dr. Wall-Carty was elected as Town Councilman, recently served as Deputy Town Supervisor, currently serves as Vice President of the Fallsburg Central School District School Board and is a Commissioner for the County Division of Human Rights. His personal mission is to provide guidance and support in every interaction with optimism and clarity for positive outcomes in the future. 

To contact Sean, email

Dr. Carrie Picardi, Faculty Co-Advisor

Carrie A. Picardi, Ph.D. is an Industrial/ Organizational Psychologist with over 25 years of experience spanning human resource management positions, as a researcher and consultant, and as a dedicated educator.

Carrie has led HR initiatives in job analysis/design, talent acquisition, selection, training and development, compensation/total rewards, performance management, employee engagement, and technology/systems assessment. She has partnered with organizations including MetLife, UNICEF, and Habitat for Humanity on consulting projects in leadership development and coaching, assessment centers, competency model design, culture change, and building high performance teams.

In addition to several peer-reviewed research journal publications on employee performance management and job satisfaction, Carrie is the author of three textbooks: Research Methods-Designing and Conducting Research with Real-World Focus (Sage, 2013), Recruitment and Selection: Strategies for Workforce Planning and Assessment (Sage, 2019), and Leadership Essentials (Vibrant Publishers, 2021).

Carrie holds a Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University and a certificate in Human Resource Management from Cornell University.

To contact Carrie, email

To contact the faculty advisors, please email

Business School Reinvented

The WGU SHRM Virtual Student Chapter exists to connect students to the professional Human Resource community; to provide a place for mutual learning, networking, and support; to strengthen the link between students and professional association membership and benefits; and to provide an atmosphere of ongoing, creative learning and application related to human resource principles and practices.