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7 Reasons To Get A Master's Degree In Cyber Security

Oct 11, 2019

A master’s degree in cyber security. You may wonder, what’s the point of getting one? As technology continues to grow, so do opportunities to exploit it. Hackers, cybercriminals, and attackers all lurk on the internet, waiting to take advantage of victims. As technology has advanced, so have their strategies to exploit people online.

Enter cyber security experts. These people work tirelessly to ensure that the internet and computers are safe and secure for companies and individuals. Your data and identity are vital to your life and future, and cyber security experts work to make sure nobody can take them away. 

Now more than ever before, every industry needs cyber security professionals. The number of cyber security jobs is continuing to grow, and there aren’t enough trained professionals to meet the demand. If you’ve ever considered getting involved in computers or network security, now is the time to do it.

Discover 7 reasons why a master’s degree in cybersecurity could be the perfect fit for you.

  1. Job security. Experts predict there will be 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs by 2021. With this many jobs available, trained cyber security professionals will be able to pick exactly what they’re looking for. With opportunities abounding, job security is incredibly high. There won’t be a cyber security professional that is looking for a job that will be unable to find one. Those with a cyber security master’s degree will be especially secure; the higher level of training that a cyber security master’s degree entails puts you ahead of the competition when applying for jobs, and ensures that you will be able to land your dream position.

  2. High pay. The average pay for a cyber security engineer is over $94,000 per year. And a cyber security master’s degree qualifies you for other job titles that make even more. A security director can make more than $200,000, a chief security officer can make more than $220,000, and a lead software security engineer can make more than $230,000. These higher-level cyber security positions will likely require higher education, so your cyber security master’s degree can put you in the direct path of these high paying positions.

  3. Cyber security is a great field. Many cyber security experts enjoy their field for several reasons. They get to solve unique problems every day. Much of the job of a cyber security expert is figuring out how to solve problems that change daily, as technology and cyber criminals get more sophisticated. If you’re looking to be challenged, innovative, and to solve new problems that are always changing, cyber security is for you. Cybersecurity experts are also helpful in their work. They feel fulfilled knowing companies and individuals are secure thanks to their work. It’s technical, interesting, different every day, and rewarding. 

  4. New career opportunities. If you’re looking to change your career, a cyber security master’s degree in cybersecurity could be just the ticket. A computer background in other fields will help you be successful in cyber security. Even those that don’t have a computer background can find a future in cyber security. The cyber security master’s degree will help you learn the technical skills you need to succeed, help you prepare for certifications, and give you the managerial element that will qualify you for advanced jobs. Many of the technical elements of cyber security will vary between industries and jobs, and much of it can be learned on-the-job. The other elements you learn in your master’s program will be vital in helping you be ready to learn the exact skills you need, and be prepared for a career. 

  5. Chance to move up. If you currently work in IT or cyber security and are wondering how to continue your career, consider a cyber security master’s degree. Earning your cyber security master’s degree will demonstrate to your employer, or other potential employers that you have the skills necessary to lead, manage, and take charge of teams and employees. If you’re hoping to move up to management or C-level positions, one of the best things you can do is to further your education. This will prepare you for what lies ahead, and give you the credentials and qualifications you need to stand out among other candidates. 

  6. Your degree will pay for itself quickly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that you’ll make 18-25% more with a master’s degree. Cyber security is no exception. Many individuals can see a jump in job title and salaries by about $25,000 by earning their cyber security master’s degree. For most students, that means your degree will pay for itself in just a year. And when you choose a school like WGU that offers scholarships, the ROI of your degree is even better. WGU’s already low tuition means that you pay less to earn your degree, and can get into the workfield and to a higher salary even faster. 

  7. You have flexible options to earn your degree. Cyber security is a relatively new field, and there are many options to help you pursue this path. Flexible schooling options like WGU mean that you can continue to work while getting your degree, and you won’t miss a step in your professional or personal life. Our competency-based education model also means you can utilize your past experience and knowledge to graduate faster. Getting a cyber security master’s degree doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. With an online cyber security master’s degree you can make it work with your schedule and learning style and earn the degree you need to succeed.

If you’re ready to pursue cyber security, a cyber security master’s degree is a great step. Whether you’re already in the field and ready to move up, or looking to move into cybersecurity as a new career option, a cyber security master’s degree will be the key to your success. 

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