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IgnitED Newsletter June Edition

Jul 5, 2022

Sharing Innovative Approaches to Higher Education

In this month’s edition of IgnitED, we look at the 2021 WGU Annual Report, a study that shows how EdTech can help students connect in this predominantly digital time, and the importance of skills libraries. 

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Study Shows that EdTech Can Help Students Connect

Making friends has always been a challenge new students must overcome when embarking on their college careers.  

2021 WGU Annual Report Launched

Review the story of our progress in 2021 and our vision for the future through data, the experiences of our students, and more.

The Importance of Skills Libraries at WGU and Beyond

Marni Baker Stein, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at WGU, recently sat down with Kacey Thorne, Director of Skills Architecture, to discuss the significance of the open skills libraries.

News We're Reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education: The Student-Success Challenge

Universities, large public ones in particular, have traditionally treated college like a self-serve buffet. Raising graduation rates takes a culture shift — and a lot more.

The Hechinger Report: Blurring the Lines Between Education and Workforce 

After the disruption of the pandemic, people in the field of education are more open to rethinking traditional ways of doing business in order to better serve students.

Current Enrollment: 131,932
Graduates to Date: 281,244 

*Data as of May 31, 2022

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