Every week, Chris Cox and his WGU faculty mentor , John Porter, fire up their webcams and log in to a video chat to check in on Chris' progress toward his B.S. in Information Technology degree. The combination of voice conversation, text chatting, and face-to-face video communication has been a

A new nationwide study from Michigan State University has great news for new college grads: Employers are planning hiring increases in the double digits, a spike not seen since the dot-com growth of 1999-2000. The survey of HR managers at 5,700 companies nationwide found those companies plan to hire 120,000

For Lodi, California, IT technician Jonathan Lincoln, the ongoing debate among information technology professionals—the "certifications or degree?" question—has never been a question at all. For Jonathan, it's not about either/or ; it's about both/and . "Personally, I believe that degrees and certifications complement each other," Jonathan said. That's why WGU's

It's enough to make a Night Owl blush. Top government officials, academic experts, major media, and leading employers throughout the American economy have had a lot to say about WGU lately—and they've been saying very nice things. See what we mean: Pretty nice, huh? Some of the many recognitions, write-ups,

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