The Future of Adobe Flash at WGU

Adobe Flash Player (Flash) is a tool used to display animations and other interactive elements in your computer’s web browser.  Various WGU learning resources use Flash to display videos, quizzes, and simulations. 

In the near future, WGU will be phasing out Adobe Flash Player, as the technology is becoming obsolete.

The phase out will take place within the next year, and once this change takes effect, Google Chrome users will need to manually give Flash permission to run on a site-by-site basis.  Chrome will display a prompt if this is necessary.  Once this permission is given, Chrome will remember to run Flash automatically for all future visits to that site. 

WGU students and faculty alike would benefit from looking for alternative resources and sites that do not rely on Flash. Faculty will work with learning resource partners to provide materials that use more modern standards like HTML 5.  Simultaneously, students should be aware of sites that use Flash when studying and make sure they know how to enable it if needed.

Please feel free to contact Learning Resources or I.T. if you have additional questions.

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