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A high school senior gives advice to freshmen
Teaching moments

Advice for High School Freshmen from Departing Seniors

Departing seniors share advice for freshmen on how to thrive in high school.  

student reading book
Beyond the classroom

The Perfect High School Summer Reading List to Prevent Brain Drain

Here's a high school summer reading list that's "teenager-approved."

A teenager sleeps during a high school class
SAT and ACT Test Prep
Teaching moments

SAT and ACT Test Prep: Get Your Students Ready for College Admissions Exams

Effective prep tools that don't cost thousands of dollars. 

High school students pose for their prom picture
Beyond the classroom

6 Tips to Help You Handle Prom Season

It's prom season, so love—and chaos—is in the air.

Students do research online
Make going back to high school fun
Classroom innovation

Make Going Back to High School Fun and Engaging

Engage your high school students in your subject from the first day of school. Add these tips to your teaching strategies.  

Follow your own path
Beyond the classroom

What Career Paths Can Students Explore after High School?

Be prepared to answer questions and discuss options for students who don't want to pursue a college degree or who may not be ready for college.

the meaning of memorial day
Beyond the classroom

Planting a Flag Garden Helped My Students Find the Meaning of Memorial Day

How can I help my students understand what Memorial Day is really about?