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WGU Academic Engagement Webinars A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

Join us for a webinar recording about the life of a data analyst.

In this session, we learned more about what it takes to have a data analyst career. Panelists discussed various functions and job responsibilities, as well as shared experiences and lessons they have learned during their respective careers. This panel was moderated by Brandon Vaughn and Goran Trajkovski.

Watch the Webinar Recording Here:


Christopher Teixiera Headshot

Christopher Teixeira


Christopher Teixeira is a Principal Data Scientist at MITRE where he's responsible for providing his expertise in statistics, applied probability, modeling and simulation, and operations research to a variety of challenges that the federal government faces. In particular, he works directly with multiple federal agencies (e.g., Health and Human Services, Veteran's Administration, Department of Energy) to identify potential solutions to the challenges they face and how best to use data to drive decisions they need to make. This includes helping them distinguish between the advantages and differences of varying analytical techniques. He earned an M.S. in operations research from George Mason University and a B.S. in mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Liz Amador Headshot

Liz Amador


Liz Amador has bachelor's degrees in Linguistics, English, and more recently Data Management and Data Analytics. She is in the home stretch for her master's degree in Data Analytics at WGU. Liz also is the user group founder and lead for Microsoft's partnered community Women in Power BI. Getting her start as the "excel person" on her team, she now works as a Data Engineer at Larry H. Miller Group. Liz lives in Salt Lake City and can be found at the public library among the shelves when she's not out in her backyard.

Justin Howard Headshot

Justin Howard


Justin Howard is an Artificial Intelligence Specialist at Lynntech Inc. He applies cutting-edge Deep Learning algorithms to computer vision problems, such as object and activity detection in the visible and infrared light spectra. Justin's research using text captions to improve the classification accuracy of images returned by internet searches was recently published in Southern Methodist University's Data Science Review.

MIchael Keith Headshot

Mike Keith


Michael Keith is a Data Scientist working for the Utah Department of Health with a principal focus in forecasting. He has four years of professional experience, graduated from Florida State University with a Masters in Economics, writes for Towards Data Science, and produces Data-Science themed videos for Springer Nature. He has a beautiful 8-month old daughter and enjoys hiking in his free time.

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