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David Dart

David Dart

David Dart is a recent WGU Business College graduate. He earned his degree in IT Management in April of 2007.

David is the CIO for HSH Nordbank, an international bank, where he is responsible for the Information Technology Division. He has been working with banking technology the majority of his career.

At the age of 16, David was living in London and dropped out of school. Fortunately David was able to find employment in the IT/banking industry.

He has spent most of his career at the international level, which enabled him to travel and work in various money center locations of the world. About 12 years ago David decided to settle down in the United States.

"I had no formal education, and certainly no higher education. My career to date has progressed through a combination of luck and personal drive. My desire to get a degree was less driven by career opportunities, and more to demonstrate to my teenage kids that it can be done." David always felt uncomfortable telling his children to work hard at school when he himself did not.

Once his daughter entered college as a freshman at the University of Tampa, David agreed that at the same time he would "go along for the ride" and entered school himself. After a lot of research he decided WGU would be a great fit for his lifestyle.

David's original goal was to try and keep up with his daughter and graduate within four years. He discovered that the WGU program suited him well. Shortly after beginning, David was "pulled in" and found that every free minute was filled with school work. Amazingly, after 12 months, he graduated.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the courses, more so the non-technical programs, where I really did learn a lot. The humanities, science, and math ones proved to be the most demanding and rewarding. The technical and business programs were basically what I knew already. In all I had a great experience. I can highly recommend WGU and have done so on many occasions."

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