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Marceline Miller

Marceline Miller

Marceline Miller always put her family first. She wanted to go to school, but working, taking care of her family, and home schooling her son were her first priorities. After searching for two years, she finally found WGU. "WGU made it possible for me to improve my family's life by allowing me to home school my son and work while finishing my degree to become a teacher," she said. "I could do my homework any time, day or night, so I could put my family first."

Losing jobs, relocating and back problems were among the many challenges Marceline faced to earn her degree. Through all of her struggles, Marceline says, WGU and her family were supportive the entire way. "I was able to work WGU into my life; I did not have to change my life for WGU," Marceline said.

Individuals in Marceline's community were also aware of her goals and would encourage her when they saw her studying at her daughter's sporting events. Marceline took her books, papers and pens everywhere she went.

With the help of her family and her community, Marceline fought through the struggles and received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science Education. "When I received my diploma in the mail I cried with joy," she said.

Marceline lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her husband and three children. She is currently a substitute teacher for four different school districts and is looking into teaching for a virtual academy. Marceline says the demonstration teaching part of her WGU education was the key in preparing her to be a teacher in the classroom. Someday she plans to have a classroom of her own.

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