Graduate Profile

Dallan Jones

B.S. Information Technology

Dallan Jones

Dallan Jones wasn’t a typical student by any stretch of the imagination. At just fourteen, he had already finished high school and was ready to go off to college.

To Dallan’s surprise, the brick and mortar universities he was interested in told him they simply did not know what to do with a student so young. Determined, he continued his search, wanting to be the very first person in his family to earn a college degree and also set an example for his friends that education is essential for a successful life.

Luckily, at a ceremony for his Eagle Scout Award, Dallan had the opportunity to explain his situation to Governor Jon Huntsman, governor of Utah at the time. Governor Huntsman immediately suggested that Dallan consider Western Governors University.

Dallan applied to WGU and was accepted to WGU’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program. As someone who had gone at his own pace and accelerated through his education so remarkably quickly and at such a young age, he found WGU ideally-suited to his independent and self-disciplined nature. WGU’s flexible model allowed time for him to work, study for his degree and still have a social life. Dallan found the assessments tough, the material thorough and the resources in-depth, and with the help of his mentor, was able to truly thrive at WGU.

“The value of the degree to me is monumental,” said Dallan. “I believe that WGU offered everything, if not more, than a standard brick and mortar college offers their students but for half the price.”

At 19, Dallan credits his WGU degree for much of his success. He is currently working full-time as a systems administrator for GE and has started his own IT consulting business. In fact, his 50-year-old mother was so inspired by him, she decided to go back to school and get her own college degree.

“I believe that WGU absolutely prepared me for the workforce in every way, not only with technical knowledge, but also in interpersonal communications and everything you could imagine a job would require of a candidate,” said Dallan.

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