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We Won't Rest Until Everyone Has Access to Quality Education

We Won't Rest® | We Never Rest™

We know that for many, higher education isn’t as accessible as it should be. Often there are obstacles in the way like inability to get internet access, the absence of a positive role model, or one of the many limitations that stem from a lack of financial opportunity. The “We Won’t Rest®” initiative represents our mission to tackle these obstacles head-on, a mission that signifies WGU’s enduring commitment to ensuring that everyone has a fair shot at earning a college degree. In this ongoing effort, we will never rest in helping students. As part of this program we’ll be launching a series of proactive projects in an effort to remove some of the barriers that stand between people and higher education because we believe that everyone with ambition should be given the opportunity to achieve it. The "We Never Rest™" campaign means that WGU is committed to helping each individual student succeed.

The Online Access Scholarship

21 million Americans don’t have access to internet. Internet access is a necessity that not everyone has or can afford in their pursuit of higher education. As the first of our We Won’t Rest® initiatives, we decided to tackle this problem head-on by introducing the Online Access Scholarship. The scholarship will provide recipients with equipment that will eliminate barrier to internet access. Students will be able to pick which devices they most need assistance with - including a laptop, a hotspot with internet access and/or a webcam. To find out more about the program or to apply for an Online Access Scholarship yourself, click the button below.

WGU and T-Mobile

WGU has partnered with T-Mobile for the Online Access scholarship to provide the coverage, capacity, and devices needed to empower students to participate in higher education online.

The Resiliency Grant

Many Americans are facing financial hardships they never expected. Health challenges, a job loss, financial strain, shifts in schooling, and other challenges are impacting people every day. But through it all, WGU wants prospective students to have the resources they need to reach their dreams and complete a degree. The Resiliency Grant helps students navigate these tough times by providing financial assistance to new students to cover tuition, fees, and other educational materials. To learn more and apply for the Resiliency Grant, click the button below.

Beyond Barriers with NBC

Delivering Access for All: A Mission For Education

WGU is teaming up with and NBC Universal to raise awareness of the inequalities in access to higher education with the Beyond Barriers campaign. Learn more about how we are striving to provide access to higher education, and meet some of our students who have overcome barriers. 

The Opportunity Grant

The $10,000 Opportunity Grant is an investment to allow underserved populations the funding necessary to earn a college degree. Created for individuals who do not have access to traditional state and federal funding—such as Pell Grants and student loans—this grant will help WGU students earn a bachelor's degree in any of WGU's four colleges. 

Role Model Mural Project

Positive role models are in short supply. For those without one, it can be difficult not just to find the motivation to earn a college degree, but also to discover that it’s a possibility in the first place. We realized that we could inspire entire neighborhoods by highlighting the success stories of members of their communities. To do that, we’re commissioning a series of hand-painted murals honoring these determined students and the stories of what they’ve been through.

We Won't Rest and Neither Will This Page

Just as the “We Won’t Rest®” initiative is designed to be an ongoing endeavor that continues to grow, so too is this webpage. We’ll continue to add all the ways we’re striving to make college more accessible to everyone.