The Journal of
Competency-Based Education

The Journal of Competency-Based Education (JCBE) is published by Western Governors University and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. It is a peer-reviewed, online journal intended for circulation in the higher education community. With an emphasis on rapid review and dissemination, JCBE aims to advance knowledge through theoretical and empirical study across arenas of inquiry related to competency-based education and its evolution. Through dissemination of research, reviews, original conceptual articles, emerging policies, best practices, and commentary, JCBE furthers the study, documentation, and practice of competency-based education.

Designed as a primary source of information about competency-based education for educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, JCBE promotes the connection between learning sciences and assessment of outcomes for students. Through JCBE's peer review process, the journal contributes to current scholarship and assures academic rigor, while encouraging innovation in the field of higher education.

JCBE will be published four times a year and submissions will be reviewed throughout the year on a rolling basis. JCBE welcomes submissions from educators, scholars, administrators, government officials, and others on topics relating to benefits, challenges, practices, trends, and developments associated with competency-based education.

Call for Manuscripts

We are especially interested in manuscripts addressing the following:

Original research relating to competency-based education (CBE)
  • Student and/or faculty oriented studies
  • Competency/outcomes related studies
  • Cost related studies
Well-documented case studies relating to CBE
  • How faculty members develop and support CBE programs
  • What unique support infrastructure is being created to assist students
  • How multi-campus consortia are offering CBE programs
Shorter opinion essays or emerging research projects:
  • Why CBE is important at your institution
  • How the quality of CBE programs can be assured
  • How CBE shifts the relationship between colleges and employers

Submission Method

All manuscripts should be submitted in Word format (.doc or .docx) to Manuscripts should be double-spaced with one-inch margins with text in a standard 10 or 12 point font.

In addition to the manuscript, submissions must include a separate title page with contact information (e-mail and mailing addresses, telephone numbers); a short biography for each author; a concise abstract (no more than 150 words); and proposed keywords for indexing.

Tables and Illustrations

JCBE encourages the inclusion of tables, figures, illustrations, and images. Please include a short descriptive label and submit as separate files. These items should not be embedded in the submission text though the author may indicate where such items should be placed (e.g., [Image 1]).

Authors should include any necessary attribution and are responsible for obtaining appropriate permission from copyright holders to reproduce tables, figures, illustrations, or images.


JCBE publishes both full-length articles and shorter pieces or essays on topics of importance to competency-based education. Manuscripts should be carefully reviewed and proofread prior to submission. Accepted manuscripts are peer reviewed and will go through JCBE's editorial review process prior to publication.

Articles may report original research or well-documented case studies and should be between 3000 and 8000 words in length. Shorter pieces and essays may present research notes, book reviews, reactions to research, commentaries, or, policy reviews and should be limited to no more than 2500 words. These shorter works present an individual's point-of-view and may not require the depth of analysis and supporting documentation expected of longer articles.

Authors are encouraged to provide sources for information, which should be cited parenthetically in the text and included in a reference list at the end of the manuscript using APA formatting. Footnotes are to be used sparingly.


Prior to publication, each author will be required to sign a contributor agreement. Authors will retain copyright ownership of their work and JCBE will be granted a sole and exclusive license to publish.

JCBE staff and Editorial Board

Editorial Board:

  • David Bergeron, Senior Fellow for Postsecondary Education,
    Center for American Progress
  • Stacey Clawson, Senior Director,
    Postsecondary Success, Jobs for the Future
  • Robert Collins, Vice President for Financial Aid,
    Western Governors University (WGU)
  • Richard Cummins, President Emeritus,
    Columbia Basin College
  • Joni Finney, Professor of Practice,
    Director, Institute for Research on Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jean Floten, President Emerita,
    Bellevue College and Chancellor Emerita, WGU Washington
  • Andrew Kelley, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Policy,
    The University of North Carolina System
  • Amy Laitinen, Director,
    Education Policy Program, New America Foundation
  • Michelle Weise, Senior Vice President for Workforce Strategies - Strada Education Network and Chief Innovation Officer, Strada Institute for the Future of Work


  • Sally M. Johnstone,
    National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

Associate Editors:

  • Allen C. Clarkson
  • Fred Hurst
  • Kevin F. Jowers

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