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A Personalized Start to Your Degree with a Single Course

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Are you looking for a flexible pathway to kickstart your journey toward a WGU bachelor's degree?

Our single courses provide stackable credit  towards relevant WGU degree programs.. With single courses, you'll enjoy the benefits of low cost and low risk, making them the ideal launching pad for your WGU bachelor's degree pursuit.

Select from a diverse range of courses that align with your interests and academic goals. The best part? You can complete your chosen course in just 2-3 months or less, paving the way for an smooth entrance into a relevant WGU degree program.

At WGU, we believe in supporting our students at every step. That’s why our all-inclusive tuition covers one-on-one coaching, unlimited 24/7 tutoring, exams, progress tracking, and much more – absolutely no hidden fees or surprises along the way.

Not sure about online learning or competency-based education? Just need to take a pre-requisite course? Don’t want to wait to start your college journey? A ‘yes’ to any of these questions should be a ‘yes’ to enroll in a single course offering. It’s a low-cost and low-risk pathway to try online learning with a course that will transfer into your WGU degree program, and you can start today. That’s a win-win!

Take the first step towards your academic aspirations, and start today!

We also offer course bundles and certificate programs.

* By completing a WGU single course, course bundle or certificate, and providing proof of high school or equivalent completion, you will be guaranteed admission to WGU with fully transferable courses. 



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*Eligible students are able to pursue their course for the low cost of $99 per course. If students do not complete their course in the expected timeframe of 2 months, they may pay an additional $99 per month to complete. Some courses have a timeline of more than 2 months and the cost is still $99 per course.

Explore Single Courses


Select the single course or course bundle that applies to your intended WGU degree program.You don't have to wait for a new term to start single or bundled courses!

American Politics and the U.S. Constitution

Term Length: 2 months

Considering a deeper dive into the world of academia? This course isn’t just about understanding the heart of American politics—it's a foundational stepping stone towards a WGU bachelor’s degree. For those testing the waters of online learning, it offers the perfect environment: approachable, engaging, and backed by WGU's top-tier support services. We ensure you're not just another student—you're a valued learner, supported and guided every step of your journey. 

Dive into the core of America's political system. This course breaks down the complex dance between politics and the Constitution. With our guidance, you'll not only become informed but also ready to actively engage in our nation's discussions.

Applied Algebra

Term Length: 2 months

Applied Algebra prepares you to leverage algebra’s problem-solving capabilities as you strategize and triumph over challenges in your academic, professional, and personal life. Embrace flexibility with WGU’s online learning as you tailor courses to your everyday schedule, tap into diverse student resources, and complete the course in 2 months.

Are you ready to explore an incredible tool as you bring new understanding to the world around you? Enroll today and enrich your future. 

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

Term Length: 3 months

The world is experiencing a technological boom and we need individuals who are excited about exploring the digital realm and the boundless opportunities it holds. Whether you’re a tech guru or someone simply wanting to be tech-savvy, the CompTIA IT Fundamentals course provides the foundation you need to navigate the world of information technology with confidence. 

You will cover the basics, by diving into the nuances of operating systems and grasping the essence of network connectivity. It goes even further than that—you’ll explore the terrain of software applications, ensuring you’re well-versed in their functionality and equipped with the know-how of secure web browsing and cyber security essentials.  

English Composition I

Term Length: 2 months

In English Composition I, you're going to write, but this course is much more than that. It's your entryway into various WGU bachelor's degree programs, and it's crafted to fit into your life as an adult. With this course, you're not just improving your writing. You're gaining tools to express your thoughts clearly, tell your own stories, deeply understand what you read, and confidently stand by your opinions. These are skills that you’ll use in your daily life, at home, in your community, and at your workplace.

Introduction to Biology

Term Length: 2 months

Welcome to the Introduction to Biology course, your gateway to unraveling the fascinating mysteries of the world around us. Dive into the essence of existence as you explore the foundational theories of life from biological research. 

In this course, you will learn about yourself and all the other living organisms you share the world with as you study fundamental concepts and principles of the study of life. This journey illuminates the interconnectivity between living entities and their environments while giving you a better understanding of your role within it all.

Ethics in Technology

Term Length: 2 months

In today's digital age, the line between right and wrong can blur fast. Enter Ethics in Technology – your guide to navigating the complex web of tech decisions.

This isn’t your regular tech class. It’s a deep dive into making informed, ethical choices amidst the pixels and codes. Protect your information, ensure fairness, and understand the unseen biases that might drive our tech behaviors. We'll unravel the ways to make technology work in everyone’s favor, ensuring safety and respect. 

Fundamentals of Information Security

Term Length: 2 months

Technology is advancing by the minute, clearing a path to exciting and promising opportunities. But with every new development comes the threat of devastating cyberattacks. Organizations across the globe need highly skilled professionals to become a shield against cyber threats as they keep networks, data, and valuable assets secure. Are you ready to take on that in-demand role?

Dive into the Fundamentals of Information Security course and take your first step toward a degree in the College of IT at WGU. In this immersive course, you will discover the basics of combating cyber threats and position yourself for academic progression and career advancement. This course isn’t just a steppingstone – it's the foundation for a stable future in a growing industry.  

Fundamentals of Spreadsheets and Data Presentations

Term Length: 2 months

Information is critical. But if it is unorganized and hard to understand, no one will find it useful! On the other hand, if data is presented in an appealing and logical way, it can be golden. 

With Fundamentals of Spreadsheets and Data Presentations, you will learn the skills to make columns and charts seem anything but boring. You will explore basic spreadsheet functions, as well as innovative tools and tricks. The knowledge you gain can benefit you in almost any career path, enabling you to share your findings with customers, leaders, and colleagues. 

Fundamentals of Success in Business

Term Length: 2 months

Like beauty, “success” is in the eye of the beholder: It can be interpreted in a variety of ways, particularly in a world as vast as business. But what does it take to actually be successful in business? And what factors influence whether it’s realized?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll explore in Fundamentals of Success in Business.  Over two months, you’ll discover not only what skills successful leaders share in common with one another, but also common ethical issues that organizations face, and how those issues can wind up affecting business outcomes. Additionally, the course examines leadership and communication styles, defines emotional intelligence and its principles, explains the Competing Values Framework, and much more. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll have a better appreciation of what it takes to be successful in business —and in life.  

Introduction to Psychology

Term Length: 2 months

How often do you think about the intricacies of the human psyche? Are you curious about all the things that make us “tick”? And do you ever marvel at the complex relationship between your thoughts and the influence from the world around you? The mind is a powerful thing worth contemplating and understanding – it's as fascinating as it is puzzling. Are you ready to get started?

The Introduction to Psychology course places you at the intersection of mind and behavior, creating a gateway to comprehending the captivating science of the psyche. As you advance through the course, you will explore a wide range of psychological theories, traverse the complexities of behavior, and see how the science of psychology is applied in our society.  

Introduction to Sociology

Term Length: 2 months

Have you ever stopped to think about the groups your part of? Think of your family, your community, or a charity you support. How do these groups change what you think and do? And how do your actions affect them?

This is what sociology helps us understand. This course is a good start for those looking at a WGU bachelor's degree later on. It also gives you a taste of what online learning feels like, and you'll have a team to support you all the way. 

Introduction to Statistics

Term Length: 2 months

Ever hear the word "statistics" and picture a bunch of tricky charts and head-spinning numbers? But guess what? Statistics is like a puzzle, and with the right tools, it becomes a fun one!

In Introduction to Statistics, we're not just crunching numbers. We're exploring the stories they tell. Ever notice how some things seem to happen again and again? That's what statistics helps us see – patterns and how different pieces fit together. You'll dig into the idea of chance (that's probability) and figure out how likely certain things are to happen. 

Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA)

Term Length: 3 months

Unlock your potential with the PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development, a course designed with your growth in mind. This course is about adopting a Thriving Mindset—understanding what drives you, pushing your boundaries, and navigating the challenges that come with personal growth.

Having a Thriving Mindset means you'll face life eager to learn, equipped to adapt, and with the skills to manage emotions. In PACA, you'll delve deep into your motivations and see how they shape your aspirations. You'll work on strengthening your self-belief and understanding the emotions guiding your actions. These insights will benefit you in the classroom, at work, and in personal relationships.

By the end of the course, you'll have both a stronger sense of self and practical skills. From mastering the calming power of mindfulness to developing empathy, you'll be better equipped to handle challenges.


Term Length: 3 months

Math is everywhere, from the tips we leave at restaurants to the complex algorithms behind space missions. Precalculus prepares you for these realities, offering essential skills for both daily tasks and computer science pursuits.

This course dives into math concepts vital for advanced studies and real-world applications. It's not just about numbers; it's about preparing you for the challenges you face in your personal and professional life.

Project Management

Term Length: 2 months

From ideation to creation, project managers help guide and shape the processes behind some of the most emblematic products around. These experts are integral members of teams across many different industries. And now you can set your sights on a similar future. 

Welcome to the WGU Project Management course, your entryway into the fundamental concepts behind guiding ideas to life. This immersive course introduces you to essential skills and insights that prepare you to steer organizations along the journey from conceptualization to actualization. This course is the starting point where you will build the foundation for a promising future in a respected and valuable role.

Scripting and Programming Foundations

Term Length: 2 months

The connected bike you ride. The sedan you drive. The gaming console you play. Machines provide tremendous convenience and enjoyment to everyday life.  But were it not for scripting and programming, the machines we regularly use would be effectively useless.

In Scripting and Programming – Foundations, you’ll explore the fundamental principles of these all-important IT processes. Over two months, students will delve into key concepts and topics like pseudocode, algorithms, object-oriented languages, asymmetric tests, hierarchical hypothesis and more. Upon completion, the skills you glean from the course will supply you with the core competencies you’ll come to rely on throughout your career.

U.S. History

Term Length: 2 months

Are you a history buff? Do you love hearing stories of those who came before us? Or when you think of history, do you imagine a random collection of boring dates and events?

In U.S. History, we don't just talk about dates. We relive the stories of people who made America. Dive into the journeys of founders, warriors, and dreamers. Discover the hurdles they jumped, the battles they fought, and the dreams they chased. 

You'll see that history isn't just about what happened. It's about why it happened. People's feelings, hopes, and mistakes have always played big roles. By understanding their stories, you'll get a clearer picture of today. You'll recognize patterns and see how sometimes, history has a way of coming back around. With this knowledge, maybe you can help shape a brighter future.

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