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Single Courses

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WGU's Single Course Offerings


Are you looking for a flexible pathway to kickstart your journey toward a WGU bachelor's degree?

Our single courses provide stackable credit  towards relevant WGU degree programs.. With single courses, you'll enjoy the benefits of low cost and low risk, making them the ideal launching pad for your WGU bachelor's degree pursuit.

Select from a diverse range of courses that align with your interests and academic goals. The best part? You can complete your chosen course in just 2-3 months or less, paving the way for an smooth entrance into a relevant WGU degree program.

At WGU, we believe in supporting our students at every step. That’s why our all-inclusive tuition covers one-on-one coaching, unlimited 24/7 tutoring, exams, progress tracking, and much more – absolutely no hidden fees or surprises along the way.

Not sure about online learning or competency-based education? Just need to take a pre-requisite course? Don’t want to wait to start your college journey? A ‘yes’ to any of these questions should be a ‘yes’ to enroll in a single course offering. It’s a low-cost and low-risk pathway to try online learning with a course that will transfer into your WGU degree program, and you can start today. That’s a win-win!

Take the first step towards your academic aspirations, and start today!

We also offer course bundles and certificate programs.

* By completing a WGU single course, course bundle or certificate, and providing proof of high school or equivalent completion, you will be guaranteed admission to WGU with fully transferable courses. 



per course*

*Eligible students are able to pursue their course for the low cost of $99 per course. If students do not complete their course in the expected timeframe of 2 months, they may pay an additional $99 per month to complete. Some courses have a timeline of more than 2 months and the cost is still $99 per course.

Explore Single Courses


Select the single course or course bundle that applies to your intended WGU degree program.You don't have to wait for a new term to start single or bundled courses!

American Politics and the U.S. Constitution

Applied Algebra

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

English Composition I

Introduction to Biology

Ethics in Technology 

Fundamentals of Information Security 

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Statistics

Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA)


Project Management

U.S History 

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Complete in Five Months or Less*

*Time to completion will vary for single courses, bundles, and certificate offerings.