When Erin Fitzgerald completed her student teaching in an inner-city fifth-grade classroom, she noticed a big opportunity that was being missed: hands-on learning of science, math, and technology. A lack of supplies available was preventing teachers from getting students involved in the kinds of real-world, active projects that could “actually

Karen Sokorai grew up attending Philadelphia’s public schools, and now, as a teacher at an inner-city elementary school in the city, she’s giving back to the school system that brought her up. “My passion in life is to travel, and I want to foster a love of reading in my

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Kristen Gilley just finished up her first year teaching seventh-grade geography at South Decatur Junior/Senior High School in Greensburg, Indiana—and as much as she loved it, she felt something was missing. Due to tight budgets, Kristen taught a full year of geography without a globe in her classroom. As one

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