Becoming an Entrepreneur

So you have an idea that you think is the next big thing? You have a great skill that you’re certain will fill a need in the marketplace? Or you just dream of one day being in business for yourself?

You’re on your way to being an entrepreneur. But what’s next? What are the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, and what skills will serve you well on your journey?

In a recent WGU Career Café webinar on entrepreneurship, successful entrepreneurs – two of whom have graduated from WGU’s online Business College and one who earned an online nursing degree – share what it took to build their businesses.

Mike Friensen An MBA in Strategic Leadership, Mike Friesen is owner of Leading Strategies, which offers development coaching, seminars, and training to help companies build teamwork and individual professional development.

Phyllis MaclinPhyllis Maclin, an MBA in Management and Strategy, is Vice President at Paducah Housing Services, overseeing daily operations for a nonprofit housing agency that purchases, renovates, and markets affordable housing for low-income families throughout western Kentucky.

Jeff SolheimAnd Jeff Solheim, owner and president of Solheim Enterprises, earned his bachelor’s degree in nursing with WGU. His company has four parts: public and motivational speaking, authorship, consulting for hospitals, and a nonprofit arm doing humanitarian work in Third World countries.

Just a few of their tips:

  • More than just skills and knowledge, you also need courage to be a successful entrepreneur. You must be a risk-taker.
  • Keep learning.
  • Surround yourself with knowledgeable people.

Learn more: View the free hour-long session on entrepreneurship today. What are your entrepreneurial dreams, and what are you doing to make them real? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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