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3 Reasons to Start a Teacher Blog Today

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Watch your professional spheres expand as a teacher-by-day, professional blogger-by-night.

My firsthand experience with a teacher blog began in January 2014 when I found out my school would be implementing a one-to-one computing program. I was excited and a bit panicked about the amazing potential that these devices would unlock in my classroom. After reading other teachers' stories with one-to-one programs, I knew my role as a teacher would drastically change. I decided then and there to start my blog, Teaching with Technology, for the purpose of collecting and sharing technology resources.

It's now 2017, and my little teacher blog has blossomed! It's been named one of EdTech Magazine's K-12 IT Blogs to Read twice (2016 and 2017) and was featured in 573 Magazine's blogging issue. What began as an attempt to learn about and share educational technology tools and resources has also become a great avenue for me to connect with other teachers around the world and reflect upon my teaching practices. Based on my experiences, here are three reasons why I think you'll consider it rewarding to start your own teacher blog.


Sharing Is Caring

I started blogging while my school was searching for the right device for our one-to-one program. I knew that placing devices in the hands of my students could lead to great things in my classroom, so I wanted to collect resources about successful programs. In doing so, I would be providing myself with awesome professional development for the upcoming changes to my classroom and ensuring that these resources were stored in one location. As I got more comfortable in the one-to-one atmosphere, I began crafting and posting my own resources. Now I love getting e-mails from individuals who read my blog and ask for permission to use the documents I've created.

Reflection Leads to Growth

In addition to sharing education technology resources, I also write about lessons and activities we try in my classroom. Reflecting upon the lessons, strategies, and activities I use forces me to think about how effective these practices actually are. I also write about my classroom experiences because it holds me accountable for continuing to innovate. When you begin to publicly share what you do in your classroom, you start holding yourself and your teaching to a different standard. I never want to become a stagnant teacher who simply teaches the way she was taught, and my blog has encouraged me to always strive to be better!

Connections Are Key

One of the major perks of blogging is sharing your thoughts with the world. But this can also be one of the scariest parts of blogging.

Many doubts ran through my mind when I shared my first post. What if no one reads this? What if it doesn't make sense? Do I really have anything to say? If you have these same feelings, let me assuage your fears. Share your story with the world because you'll never truly know the extent of your influence until you start blogging. My blog has encouraged me to make connections with educators from around the world, which has helped open doors for my students to collaborate with peers in Belgium and England, and we'll work with classrooms from even more countries soon!


I won't lie: Starting and managing a teacher blog is not for the faint of heart. But neither is teaching! Over the past three years, many people have asked how I have the time to maintain my blog, teach multiple classes, and tend to my family. The honest answer is that I don't. But when something's important, you find time. Since starting my blog, there have been many late nights hunched over my laptop at the kitchen table after my daughters have gone to bed, as well as many early mornings spent blogging before work. And I can emphatically say it's worth it.

If you're looking for more guidance as you start your blogging journey, there are many great teacher blogs out there. The Innovative Educator, Cult of Pedagogy, and Cool Cat Teacher are three fantastic blogs that share helpful resources and ideas for anyone in the world of education. Vicki Davis of Cool Cat Teacher also hosts a great podcast for teachers. And of course, you can check out my blog to read about my adventures as a mom, wife, high school social studies teacher, educational technology instructor, and blogger. Now's the time to tell your story!