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Last-Minute Media: Fill up Your Spare Time with these Fun Holiday Videos

If you and your students can’t muster one more assignment, craft or game, use one of these short, inspirational videos to wrap up the spare time between now and the break.

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We believe these videos will appeal to young and old students, centered on giving and sharing. Enjoy them with your students and spread the spirit of the season.

Here We Come a Caroling

Over 100 voices participated in surprising unsuspecting shoppers in a mall food court with this familiar holiday-time song.


Returning the Favor

Here's a story that shows how the smallest kind gesture towards another can have a life-changing ripple effect on numerous lives. 

Give it Away

Do you or your students like to regift the gifts you receive. Here's a how one secret Santa shared his loot.

Just the Ticket for Christmas

Do you think police offices pull people over during the holidays just to give them speeding tickets? Not this officer. 

Model of Peace 

Show your students that opposing sides truly can reach a truce, even if it's just for a little while. As a matter of fact, it happened over a hundred years ago, during World War I, when German and British troops put down their weapons on Christmas Eve. They mingled in No Man's Land and played football together before turning back to the trenches. This video includes excerpts from a soldier's diary about what happened that historical night. 

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However you decide to spend the last few minutes before you excuse your students for the winter break, you can make the time count if the message is strong on consideration for others.