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6 Heartwarming Teacher Surprises Caught on Video

Like many people, I love watching YouTube videos. There's almost always something funny, inspirational, and moving online that will bring a smile to my face or a warm feeling to my heart. Naturally, videos involving "teacher surprises" are some of my favorites. They often reflect the long-lasting bond between teachers and students. Here are some of the best ones I've seen.

Teacher Proposes to Fellow Teacher

A video of a teacher proposing to another teacher recently went viral, and when you watch it, you'll see why. You can tell how excited the students are to be part of their teachers' special day. When you're a teacher, your students are a part of your life, and the fact that these two teachers shared their big event with their students proves just that.

First Birthday Cake in 10 Years

When a teacher mentioned to his students that he hadn't had a birthday cake in 10 years, his resourceful students took matters into their own hands. The resulting video never fails to bring a tear to my eye, and it is evidence of the mutual respect and love students have for their teachers.

Sneaker Surprise

This video of a student giving his teacher a long-desired pair of Jordans is another one that chokes me up. Every. Single. Time. The student says, "You've always kept it real with me. You told me sophomore year this was your favorite shoe, and you told me your size, and you don't even remember." The shocked teacher tells him, "I've wanted these since sixth grade, and I never got them. Man, I might cry." Another student says, "Let it flow; it's okay." I can assure you—it's flowing when I watch this video! I think this is a memory that both the teacher and student will treasure forever.

Students Give Teacher Two Kittens

I challenge you not to shed a tear while watching Ms. Andrews' students surprise her with two new kittens the day after her beloved cat died. This video is a testament to the bond between a teacher and her students, and it shows the compassion they have for each other.

U.S. Airman Shows Up at Mom's Classroom

I'm a big fan of any video that features deployed soldiers returning home to surprise their families, so of course I love this one where a U.S. Airman surprises his mom, a school teacher, during class. You can see how much these students also enjoy being part of the surprise.

Teacher Tribute to Ms. Alvarez

In this video, teacher Deirdre Alvarez has no idea that the award ceremony she's attending is actually for her. Ms. Alvarez is a teacher in the Bronx who has given her students a new perspective and the ability to believe in themselves. They wanted to show their gratitude by staging this tribute, and no one is more surprised than Ms. Alvarez when her name is called.

New Zealand Farewell

If you've never seen the haka, a traditional Māori war dance performed to show a tribe's strength, unity, and pride, it is riveting. The haka honors great achievements, and this amazing farewell haka performed for a retiring teacher in New Zealand is particularly compelling. Said to have been so powerful that it made the school hall shake, this haka tribute is a reflection of the boys' respect and reverence for their former physics teacher-turned-guidance counselor, who helped so many of the students at the school. It sure beats the usual cake and ice cream!

Teacher surprises captured on video will always be a staple of my YouTube viewing. They're inspiring and touching, and often display what it means to be a teacher. Maybe, just maybe, I'll end up with my own teacher surprise video out there some day!