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The Top Haunted Schools in the U.S. (and abroad!)

The Top Haunted Schools in the U.S. (and abroad!)

If anyone has seen this girl, knows of her identity or whereabouts, El Paso High School wants to know! Photo from the El Paso Museum of History

There isn’t a state in the U.S. that doesn’t have stories about ghost sightings and creepy sounds in its local schools. Some sound as uncomfortable as fingernails on chalkboard—or the squeak of a marker that has dried up.

From East to West and North to South, we found some of the creepiest and weirdest tales in the nation, including one that led us to a school event all the way over in Melbourne, Australia. It was so notorious, world-over, about 50 years ago that National Geographic reported it and so we’ve decided to share that, too.

Finally, our scary-o-meters believe the hauntings here are tame enough to share with your students. But keep your eyes here and the lights on, and pay no attention to that shadowy image standing over you in the event that you discover one of these schools is where you work!


Anchorage, Alaska
Nightmute High School

Even the name of the school gives us the heebie-jeebies. The story here is that a grave was discovered underneath room number 106. Ever since then, a little girl is said to haunt the school’s bathrooms and she is known to flush toilets and flicker the lights on and off.

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Where have we heard this one before? J.K. Rowling’s Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter? Well, this ghost is a little different because she’s not confined to the bathroom. She’s also heard wandering throughout the school, humming little tunes. When no one is in the gym, she’ll take the opportunity to shoot some basketballs, too.


El Paso, Texas
El Paso High School

This school has a reputation for all kinds of paranormal activity. Sometimes people find hallways filled with mist, unexplainable goo drips from the ceilings, and there was even the discovery of hidden classrooms beneath the building. Maybe one of those classrooms is where one unidentified girl studied because she wasn’t seen until she showed up in the graduating class of 1985's yearbook photo.

Everyone in the photo claims that the girl in white (because, as we all know, that’s just what ghosts wear) was NOT actually present when the picture was shot. Some even said they had sweaty palms during the photoshoot. To this day, no one can identify her. The ghost does not appear in the photo negative, either, and the picture was taken a couple of years before Photoshop was even developed. 

The class photo resides in a trophy cases at the school (probably just in case someone recognizes her one of these days). In the meantime, there are many more unknown entities who are big fans of El Paso High: Some alumni & faculty say they’ve seen hundreds of ghosts hold pep rallies in the middle of the night there. And they say they’ve also heard basketball games in the auditorium, but when they open the doors, no one is there.


Florissant, Missouri
Parker Roads Elementary

The moral of this story is to never leave anyone behind because if you do, that’s where they might stay. Anyway, that’s the lesson learned at this school, which was built on an old cemetery ground. As a matter of fact, in the 1950s Missouri ordered Leaf Brown Cemetery to dig up all the bodies in the cemetery and move them to another area prior to the construction of the neighborhood and school there. But, it’s rumored that they left one body behind, and you guessed it—it’s the ghost of the dead body that haunts Parker Roads School.

Apparently, the ghost only likes the kids there; the teachers and other faculty haven’t seen it. But the students have seen the ghost in the bathrooms, and have identified her as a woman in a black dress with long, wavy blond hair and no eyes.


Marblehead AKA “Hellmouth” Massachusetts
The Middle School and Westall High School, Melbourne, Australia

This school is in a town that was originally called “Hellmouth” in colonial days, which stands for a property representing the entrance of hell. We’re guessing that the towns’ officials changed the name when they realized “Hellmouth” wasn’t doing anything for their tourism numbers.

The original name might have had something to do with the belief that the town is built over a portal for psychic energy, drawing things into the town such as a UFO hovering over the school in 1966.

The town paper reported the sighting, but we couldn’t find the article. That certainly is mysterious. But looking for it led us to the story about the largest mass witnessing of a UFO in Australian history that happened over a school in Melbourne, Australia.

Around 11:00 am on Wednesday, 6 April 1966, a class of students and a teacher from Westall High School were outside when they saw a grey saucer-shaped craft hoovering over them. Fortunately, the craft took off to descend in a nearby field rather than whisking the children and teacher away (like you see in the movies.) Now, they’ve lived to tell about that day: https://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/videos/invasion-earth/westall-ufo-sighting-4136.aspx

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Whether your school is listed here or not, we’re confident you have some sort of hauntings going on there. After all, don’t you think your students are thinking “monster” or “witch” when you’re “haunting” them to turn in their homework?

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