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WGU Webinars Academic Engagement

Upcoming webinars.

"How to" for Online Teaching and Learning

A year-long series on how to best use the online space for learning.

New Thinking on the Art and Science of Teaching and Learning

New thinking on how to enhance focused student attention within online and hybrid models.

Previous webinars.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Best Practices

A working lunch series with Jason Thompson, WGU's Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

The Science of Personal Leadership and Transformation

 Based on principles from research, learn how to lead yourself and others.

Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A  four-part series of online seminars about race and diversity in the workplace.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

A  series on improving educational outcomes by teaching the skills necessary for academic resilience.

Online assessments: Planning for ease, efficiency, and integrity.

A four-part series featuring WGU's assessment team.

Educating children at home: A guide for parents and caregivers.

How to survive and thrive in a homeschool/online learning environment.

Creating an online community of care.

How to virtually support students whose education is threatened.

Modifying student teaching experiences in the COVID-19 era.

How WGU's students made their way to graduation and licensure.

Working from home while educating your children.

Insights on how to effectively manage both responsibilities.

Embracing and planning for online learning.

Embrace the digital realm as you prepare and plan course content for online instruction.

How to help students succeed.

Methods used by WGU to provide student support in the online environment.

Leading the way in collaboration.

Welcome to Western Governors University’s academic engagement webinar index! This site serves as a central hub for registration for upcoming webinars and access to prior recorded webinars.

WGU strives to be a thought leader in higher education and to contribute actively to higher education and the partnerships, collaborations, and communities we serve for the benefit of our current students, future students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the communities in which they live and work. Our webinars are a major university outreach initiative intended to catalyze innovation and forward thought amongst those groups and in their communities. Our webinars are no cost and are open to all. We'd be delighted to have you join us for an upcoming webinar.

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