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Anthropology at WGU

Are You Looking To Enroll in an Anthropology Degree Program?

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WGU doesn't currently offer an online anthropology degree. However, students who are interested in people and culture might also enjoy  the education and relevant skills obtained from other degrees at WGU, such as human resources, management and leadership, or teaching.

Many careers fall under the subfields of anthropology, but generally speaking anthropologists study the origins, culture, languages, archaeological remains, and behavior of people across the world through time. There are multiple disciplines within the science of anthropology: economic anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, psychological anthropology, and social anthropology, to name a few. To become an anthropologist, you need a bachelor’s degree in anthropology or a related degree within the social sciences field as well as a master’s degree or Ph.D. in anthropology or archaeology. Fortunately, there are all kinds of career options similar to anthropology that don’t require such an extensive education but still allow you to use your interest in people within other professional contexts.

If you’re drawn to studying people and cultures, and are just starting your career, you might consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human resources. While an HR degree is a great fit for someone wanting to learn more about people within a business setting, it will not alone land you a career as an anthropologist. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in human resources, anthropology, or a related field and you wish to pursue an advanced position, consider earning your master’s degree in management and leadership. This degree will endow you with a wide business knowledge that will give you an advantage when applying for high-level or leadership roles in nearly any field. This degree will also make you eligible for many diverse roles and will give you a leg up in building your career.

Needed Skills for Anthropologists

Anthropologists perform many professional duties that demand a wide array of skills and talents. Some of the most common ones you would learn in an anthropology class include:

  • Written communication
  • Analytical and critical skills
  • The ability to gather, assess, and interpret data
  • Oral communication and presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Discussion and group work skills
  • Statistical and computing techniques
  • Clear, logical, and independent thinking
  • Organization and planning
  • Problem-solving
  • The ability to construct an argument

Pathways to Careers Similar to Anthropology

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources

If anthropology interests you, a bachelor's degree in human resources will make you eligible for a number of careers that align with your professional goals. This program teaches students how to be successful at connecting with employees and helping them thrive, managing company policies, recruiting and coordinating new employees, shaping company culture, administering benefits, setting policies, and serving as business partners to the organization's leaders. Many people-focused careers are available to those who have an HR bachelor's degree. 

Some common careers you can hold with a bachelor’s in HR:

  • Employment specialist
  • Recruiter
  • Recruitment manager
  • HR assistant
  • HR coordinator
  • HR specialist
  • HR generalist
  • HR manager


Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership

The management and leadership master’s degree at WGU is an excellent next step for any student looking to advance their career. In this program, students learn how to manage organizations, lead people effectively and ethically, innovate, implement new strategies, and make real change wherever they see the need. 

A master’s degree in management and leadership can help those who have studied anthropology or want to work with people focus on management and leadership skills, which will open new career options such as:

  • Market researcher
  • Business anthropologist
  • Business manager
  • Project manager
  • Executive recruiter
  • C-level executive
  • Human resources officer
  • Product manager

Master’s Degree in English Teaching

If you’re passionate about English literature, poetry, creative writing, and language, a master’s degree in English teaching could be a great career move. Not only does this give you the opportunity to introduce world and historical cultures to students while using research skills, it also allows you to make an important impact on young people. WGU’s online English education master's degree prepares you to earn a teaching license and start a fulfilling career. Your courses will cover:

  • English pedagogy
  • Foundations of education
  • Schools as communities of care
  • Essential practices for supporting diverse learners
  • Creating and managing engaging learning environments
  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Assessing student learning
  • Using educational technology for teaching and learning
  • And more
human resource specialist

Human Resource Specialist

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expected career growth by 2030

Human Resource Manager

median annual salary

expected career growth by 2030

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female high school teacher surrounded by HS students

High School Teacher

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Careers Similar to Anthropology

If you’re interested in a career in anthropology, keep in mind there are many roles you can work in with either an anthropology major or a human resources major. Some popular options include:

Why Choose WGU?

Why should you choose a WGU bachelor’s master’s program over the same degrees somewhere else? There are several reasons a WGU degree is a great fit for students.

Low, flat-rate tuition gives you the power to keep costs low since you’re charged a fixed sum per six-month term, no matter how many courses you take.

Competency-based education means if you come to the program with prior knowledge, you can use that to accelerate your program and graduate faster, in turn saving yourself money.

We offer scholarships and financial aid to help make our tuition even more affordable and accessible to more students.

All coursework in our programs is career-focused, so that when you graduate you have a set of skills that can help you to find a job quickly and translate seamlessly to the workplace.

They're Prepared

97% said that their WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs

97% of employers said that WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.

They're Top Candidates

95% said they would hire another WGU graduate

95% of employers said they would hire another WGU graduate.

They Wow

98% of employers said WGU graduates meet or exceed expectations

98% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded expectations.

Source: 2021 Harris Poll survey of 300 employers

Which Degree Should You Choose?

Human Resource Management – B.S. Business Administration

A SHRM-recognized online business degree program:...

A SHRM-recognized online business degree program:...

A SHRM-recognized online business degree program:

  • Time: 70% of graduates finish within 35 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,720 per 6-month term.

Sample careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Human resource specialist
  • Director of talent acquisition
  • Recruiting manager
  • Organizational learning specialist
  • Vice president of HR

Earn your B.S. in Human Resources and help build strong organizations.

Management and Leadership – M.S.

An online master's degree focused on change management,...

An online master's degree focused on change...

An online master's degree focused on change management, innovation, and leading teams:

  • Time: Graduates can finish in 12 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $4,675 per 6-month term.

Sample careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Director of operations
  • Executive director

Develop a comprehensive suite of leadership skills and your confidence to navigate changing business structures.

Teaching, English Education (Secondary) – M.A.

An online teaching master's degree and teacher certification...

An online teaching master's degree and teacher...

An online teaching master's degree and teacher certification program for aspiring middle or high school English teachers who already have a bachelor's degree in a non-teaching field.

Leads to teacher licensure. Specific grade levels will vary depending on licensure in your state.

  • Time: 74% of graduates finish this online English degree program within 18 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,935 per 6-month term.

Candidates for this high school English teaching program often include:

  • Aspiring junior high and high school English teachers who currently hold a bachelor's degree but lack a teaching license
  • Substitute teachers
  • Career-changers with a passion for English
  • School paraprofessionals
  • Others who feel the call to teach

This secondary English MAT program includes courses in the foundations of teaching, instructional planning and presentation, English content, research, and pedagogy. It requires in-classroom observation and a term of full-time demonstration teaching. This online English degree prepares students for teaching certification in any of the 50 states.