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Be prepared for a successful career in human resources.

Working with other people, helping resolve conflicts, building teams, and finding new employees perfect for your organization. Human resources is an exciting and rewarding career that combines technical know-how with crucial people skills to help you find success. When pursuing a career in HR, there are many elements that can help you be more successful. From the specific skills you'll obtain as you earn a degree, to the networking opportunities that can help you stay up-to-date on techniques and make important connections, WGU aims to give you all the things you need to pursue a career in HR.

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What is HR?

Before you decide to pursue a career in HR, it's important to learn as much as you can about it. Learn about the job description, salary options, educational requirements, and more for an HR career.

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HR certifications.

For many people pursuing a career in HR, industry certifications can be extremely beneficial. Learn about the certification options, and which one can best help your career.

Location and industry.

Every organization around the world likely has HR professionals. So it's important to consider the industry and location of a job. Discover how location and industry play a vital role in HR jobs.

WGU SHRM virtual student chapter.

Get involved with SHRM.

WGU's SHRM virtual student chapter is for students interested in expanding their HR opportunities.

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Past SHRM Educational Events

January 6: Jeff Baird, Speaker, Trainer, Manager of Data and Integration Services at doTERRA, IT Career Hacking, & Like Abilities presents "Using Body Language to Create Influence and Trust"

January 24: WGU Program Mentors Teresa Cross, Karen Toney Brown, April Kinchen, Donnis McPhaul, and Dolores Grady, present "Everything You Wanted to Know About HR Functions…Condensed!"

February 5: Hilary Simon, Senior Social & Emotional Learning Analyst at WGU presents an "SEL Overview"

February 12: WGU Program Architect Racheal Killian presents "SEL-Self-Awareness and Self-Management"

February 19: Joseph Cervantes, WGU SEL Specialist, presents "SEL - Interpersonal Communication, Executive Function, and Social Awareness"

March 7: Dr. Ashley Dugger of the WGU SHRM Chapter's Community Service Day presents Community Volunteer Projects for the Chapter!

March 11: WGU Program Mentor April Kinchen presents "HR Department of 1"


Archived 2019 Educational Events


Jared Olsen from Motivosity – “Disruptive Leadership Trends”

Sandra Willet from WGU – “Connecting Bridges: Diversity and Inclusion”

Dr. Nicole Whitehead from Auburn University – “Employment Law and Compliance”

Dr. Sunil Ramlall from WGU – “Strategic Training and Development”

Demetrius Norman from SHRM – “Preparing for the SHRM-CP and Student Eligibility”

Scott Ferrin from SHRM - “Benefits of Joining a SHRM Student Chapter”

WGU had its official live virtual student chapter launch on June 24. If you missed it, don't worry! You can watch it now.

SHRM 2019 Conference Panel Conversations

Reinventing Yourself by Furthering Your Education

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Workplace

Breaking Down Mental Health Stigmas

Leadership skills.

An accountant types into a 9-key with graphs and charts strewn about her desk.

What is ethical leadership?

Man sitting with papers at computer | human capital

Empathetic leadership as a skill.

Business women converse together in a staff meeting.

Why women leaders are great leaders.

Business professionals high-five after a successful meeting.

Leadership skills that change the game.

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