16Aug2017 - 6:30PM MST

Design a Life for Yourself One Step at a Time

Presented by Story Musgrave on August 16, 2017 at SLC Public Library or Online

Story Musgrave

Former NASA Astronaut
Growing up on a dairy farm gave Story Musgrave a knack for systems engineering. He joined the U.S. Marines as an aircraft electrician and mechanic, and went on to earn six graduate degrees in math, computer programming, chemistry, medicine, physiology, and literature. He was a NASA astronaut for over 30 years, flew on six spaceflights, and was the communicator in mission control for 25 missions. Dr. Musgrave was a part-time trauma surgeon for the duration of his NASA career. Today he is a multimedia producer, an innovator with Applied Minds Inc., and a professor at Art Center College of Design.

How does fixing farm equipment lead to training as a trauma surgeon? How does hauling hay bales lead to being the chief mechanic on the Hubble Space Telescope? How does a kid with no high school diploma go on to 16 years of college, six graduate degrees, 20 honorary doctorates, and 30 years as a NASA astronaut?

Find out at WGU Sage Talks with Dr. Story Musgrave!

Learn how to practice what Dr. Musgrave calls “forward-looking forensics,” or “designing a life for yourself one little step at a time.” It’s about acquiring a portfolio of tools and skills so that when an opportunity arises, you’ll have the confidence and courage to take the leap. Dr. Musgrave recommends the principle of consilience: searching for unique and non-traditional solutions across multiple disciplines, exploring the cosmos as a unified and integrated whole.

Join us for Dr. Musgrave’s inspirational and engaging presentation. He’ll share lessons he’s learned about how to extract skills and knowledge from real-world experiences, and tips on how you can create a powerful set of cross-disciplinary skills for designing your own consilient life.

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