A Master’s Degree That Would Open Doors

Danielle Kennedy, Master of Arts in English Language Learning

WGU allows me the freedom to work when I can, and still fulfill my other responsibilities and obligations. Needing to work full-time as a teacher meant my options were limited in the programs that were accessible to me. Plus, my family is still in the process of growing, and I needed to be able to set my own timetable. A dear friend suggested WGU, and I got online and looked at the different programs. I was surprised at all the different options that were available to me. Their ESL program was particularly exciting to me as it allowed me a certification half-way through that would make me very marketable in my present job. And at the end of my program, I would have a master’s degree that would open doors in my profession.

As a current student, I have learned that school has to be a priority for it to balance out. Creating a built-in framework for myself made it so that I could accomplish everything I needed by the timelines I wanted.

As challenges arose in my life, WGU has been a constant anchor. When I got pregnant, they came up with new goals, so I would still be successful. Then when my father passed away and I was struggling with the many effects of his passing, My student mentor immediately offered grief counseling through WellConnect. Now that I am in the final stretch, I have come to realize my student mentor has been there with me every step of the way, cheering me on, helping me through and consoling me when needed.

It is one of the best schools ever because they realize that school cannot be your only priority, so they allow you to do what you need to do while still hitting goals. They have really gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals.

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