Connect With Other Students at the WGU Online College of Business

Fay Ulett, College of Business Graduate

One of the main reasons this institution stood out above the others was how readily staff was available to answer queries, and the fact that they actually returned phone messages within more than reasonable time frames. The enrollment counselor helped to make the application process go smoothly. She was very knowledgeable and therefore was able to answer many of my questions. She was easily accessible and reliable. This was very important to me especially owing to the fact that I had to postpone enrolling and commencing the degree more than once and needed to keep in touch with the counselor.

WGU online communities allowed me to experience '"college life." It helped to make me aware that I was not the only one on the journey and to make friends, "study buddies," and "project partners" along the way. The fact that there were different communities gave me the ability to connect with others with similar interests and experience.

The competency-based model was delightful to me! I was able to complete the program at a faster pace because of it. I am a busy person who has completed many courses with years of experience: I would not necessarily want to sit through or complete a course that I have already mastered but do not have the document to prove it. The competency-based model did not mean that WGU took my word that I was competent (even though that would have been nice). What it meant for me was that I could skip the course and take the exam. I appreciated the fact that there were quite a few preassessment tests available to test my readiness before actually taking the examinations.

My experience at WGU was wonderful. It was much more positive than I expected. I lead an extremely busy life, but with God's help, the assistance, guidance, and support of my mentor and the flexibility that WGU offers, I was able to complete the degree in a much shorter time than anticipated. While the courses were more difficult than I dreamed they would be, WGU did their best to make the path smooth by offering telephone conferences, online library, and other online material resources, which were extremely helpful. Online resources helped to minimize the cost of purchasing educational materials.

The cost of pursuing a degree at WGU is substantially less than other universities. The fact that each student is assigned a mentor is such a marvelous idea. My mentor was exceptionally great. She provided support and encouragement. She helped me to set goals and held me accountable. As I was nearing the completion of the course I was made aware that as an alumni I would be assigned another mentor, who will be assisting after my graduation. How great is that!

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