WGU is the perfect institution because it is online and affordable

Gwen Spotted Elk, WGU Mentor
Faculty and Staff

I have worked in higher education for eleven years and one of my primary goals is to always do all I can do to provide access to education for underserved populations. Personally, my education has been one of the most influential and positive things in my life. I have been given so many opportunities as a result of my education and I want these same opportunities for others who haven't traditionally attended college. I know that many times an individual is unable to attend college due to family obligations or financial hardships. Leaving family behind to attend college and finding a way to pay for tuition and books is not something everyone can do. WGU is the perfect institution because it is online and affordable. I see the lives of my students change with every course they complete because they become more confident, more successful, and ultimately, they achieve their goal of getting a college education so they can have a career and better provide for their families. It is the most incredible and rewarding experience to see this happen.

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