He Faced His Biggest Fear: Math

Roger Osborne, College of Information Technology Graduate

As every father does, I wanted to provide my children with a better future and show them that any dream can become a reality—even if that means facing their biggest fear.

My personal Goliath was math. It stood between me and a degree for more than twenty years and now as a requirement in my business degree, there was no way around it. I had dreams and visions of my WGU mentor telling me there was no hope and I had wasted his time. But that never happened.

My mentor gave me the much-needed guidance and direction that encouraged me to finish the math assessment. Before I knew it, I had slain the beast that had haunted me all those years.

The resources and everything that you need to succeed and earn your degree is there. There is nothing else that is necessary other than the drive and the motivation to make sure that it happens. The resources are there; the opportunities are available. It’s a matter of if you make that choice you won’t regret it. I know I won’t and I haven’t.

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