Overcoming Challenges to Complete Her Degree

Susan Soyka, Teachers College Graduate

Absolutely I would recommend WGU, and I have to many, many people I’ve met. In the Washington DC area where I’m from, a lot of people are looking for an online college to further their education. When this comes up in conversation, I always say, "You’ve got to check out WGU. It’s the perfect place to get your degree and work full time. Their schedules are flexible and it fits your schedule so well." And I have three people right now I know of that are probably going to be starting up real soon with WGU. I keep telling them what a wonderful experience I had, that I am sure that they would have the same experience and come out with a degree and still be able to spend time with family, and have time for things they love to do.

During the time of my son’s surgery it was very tough for me and I was going to quit, and my mentor said, "No, you can’t quit. We can rearrange things. Let’s look at your Degree Plan, and maybe stretch things out a little bit, give you some free time here, free time there so you can care for your son. And get done at home and still work on your degree." If it wasn’t for my mentor I don’t think I would have made it through that last year of college.

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