No Room for Failure

Wilfrid Ky, College of Information Technology Graduate

As a young boy in Africa, I always dreamed of getting a degree in computer science. I came to America in 1999 on a student visa, speaking only French. I soon would find out the true meaning of learning to survive in America. Not only had I just recently been exposed to a whole new language and culture but now I had to contend with learning a whole new career and a future way of life for me in computer science.

I spent long nights learning English with help from my wife. I graduated with my associate's degree in computer science in 2003. I finally felt a bit of relief knowing that my dream was possible. I knew that the sky was the limit and that doors would start opening for me.

At that time I was working full time as a network engineer, but was determined to further my education. I enrolled at WGU to work on a bachelor's degree in Information Technology in Network Design and Management. Working full time, I needed something that was flexible and affordable. I completed everything in just under a year.

I recommend WGU to all my IT friends and colleagues on a daily basis. Once I’d seen the way Western Governors University had this whole thing in motion, it’s like a well-oiled machine. It’s perfect the way everything works. If you follow the program you will succeed. There’s no way around it, there’s no room for failure here, and they will help and guide you until you succeed.

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