Among all students who enroll in WGU, 49% complete their degrees within four years.

42% of undergraduates complete their degrees within four years.

That number continues to increase: It’s on track to reach 44% in 2017.

70% of graduate students finish within three years.

About Graduation Rates

At WGU, graduation is our goal. It’s the reason we exist: to help every student who enrolls achieve the degree that will turn dreams into realities. So we take graduation rates very seriously. You may have seen other graduation rates reported for WGU, including a rate on the College Scorecard of under 20%. That’s because the College Scorecard uses Department of Education data that only counts first-time, full-time students.

In other words, the nontraditional students who make up more than 95% of WGU’s student body are not counted in the College Scorecard data. The vast majority of WGU students have previous college experience before coming to WGU. These students are not considered first-time students, so their success at WGU is not counted in the rate reported by the Department of Education through the College Scorecard.

To put it another way: The College Scorecard data excludes the very students WGU was designed to serve.

WGU Alumni Population Map

July 3, 2017 - Total Alumni Population: 86,925

(hover over the states to view populations)

KEY - Number of WGU Alumni in State

  • 3,000+

  • 1,000-2,999

  • 500-999

  • 200-499

  • 1-199

  • Armed Forces - 207

  • Guam - 17

  • Puerto Rico - 17

  • Virgin Islands - 16

  • International - 277

  • Washington, D.C. - 47

Graduate Career Success

While students come to WGU for widely different career reasons, when they graduate, they’re finding the opportunities they sought.

Advancement: In a 2011 survey of nearly 4,000 graduates (by Lighthouse Research), 65% reported they got a raise, promotion, or new job responsibilities as a result of their WGU degree. According to a 2016 Harris Poll Online survey, 87% of WGU graduates reported they were employed in their degree field.

Employer Acceptance: When employers were asked how the WGU graduates they’d hired performed on the job, 94% said WGU graduates exceeded expectations. 100% said that their WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs, and 98% said that would hire another WGU graduate.

Graduate Satisfaction: A 2016 Harris Poll revealed that 97% of WGU graduates would recommend WGU to others, compared with 76% of those who attended other schools. 94% of WGU grads said they would choose WGU again, compared with 88% of grads from other schools.

Low Default Rates: Most WGU student borrowers are careful about their school loans and repay them in a timely fashion. WGU’s official 3-year default rate of 6.6% is lower than the national average, much lower than at many similar institutions, and has actually decreased in recent years...bucking the national trend.

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