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WGU's Brand

In an effort to promote consistency of brand messaging, we have developed this page to serve as a resource for our online vendors and affiliates only. For print information, please contact WGU. Please also consult the following style guide documents:

Primary color palette.

WGU Blue is the core of our brand identity and should always be the primary color in any university communication. WGU Blue is used in our brand logo-and-tagline lockup, but it may also be used in other ways (type, backgrounds, borders, illustrations, etc.).

WGU Light Blue is complementary to our primary color, WGU Blue, and is designated for the state name in our state logo-and-tagline lockups. (It, too, may be used in other ways.)

WGU primary colors

Secondary color palette.

Accent colors.

The accent palette consists of five bold colors chosen to attract attention and add visual energy to our communications. Accent colors should never be used as the primary color on any layout, but should always be used to support designs using the blues from WGU’s primary color palette. While other palette colors will typically be used in full-strength, tints can be used in instances that require more subtle color variation. Examples might include use in infographics, icons, or to call out statistics. WGU’s tint palette is designed to be used to support the primary and accent color palettes. These colors should never be used as stand-alone colors and should never be altered from the values shown below.  

accent colors

Neutral colors.

The neutral colors palette provides three recommended shades of gray that serve as an attractive backdrop for headlines, sidebars, and other design elements. As in the case of accent colors, these colors should never be used on their own and should always be used to support designs using the blues from WGU’s primary color palette.

neutral colors

Color best practices.

Color plays an important role in the way WGU’s brand is presented to our audiences. It helps provide a consistent visual cue that identifies who we are when people see our messages. Adhering to our guidelines for color use will help maintain the integrity of the university’s brand in all of our communications. In addition to the general rules detailed in the last section, here are a few other guidelines that you should follow when working with color:

  • WGU Blue is the core of our brand identity. It should always be the dominant color in any design. All other colors and tints are intended to add support to it.
  • Ample use of white as a canvas with neutral colors as support will give the primary and secondary palettes vibrance and prominence.
  • Accent colors or tints should never dominate a design and should never make up more than 30% of the overall design.
  • Accent colors can be used together with tints of the same color, but no two accent colors should ever be used together on the same page.
  • Tints should never be used independent of full-strength colors, and never as stand-alone colors. They should always be used to support primary and secondary colors.
  • For the best color reproduction, always use the CMYK and RGB numbers provided in this style guide to build your colors. Color sampling or “eye dropper” tools and other software-driven color selection solutions can be inaccurate and inconsistent.

More details on WGU color usage.


Most WGU communications are designed using one or more members of the Futura Standard font family. However, there are instances (e.g., PowerPoint presentations or on the web) when Futura Standard may not be available. In these cases, or in cases where the use of a serif font is more appropriate, it is acceptable to use one of our secondary fonts—Arial or Baskerville.

More details on WGU typography.

Primary: futura standard

Future standard light
Futura standard medium
Futura standard heavy

Secondary: sans-serif arial

arial regular
arial bold

Secondary: serif baskerville

Baskerville regular
Baskerville semibold

WGU logos.

WGU marketing logo without tag line
WGU marketing logo with tag line