Fifth-grade science is all about electricity, magnets, and matter, teacher Susan Holtkamp says. But her classroom has no tools for teaching those concepts—and no budget for those tools. That’s why the 35-year teaching veteran, who recently changed schools and is starting her first year at the new school, is shopping

Four amazing graduates who overcame everything from cerebral palsy to childhood predictions that “you’ll never go to college.” A mother who is proudly starting this school year as a brand-new fifth-grade teacher, her dream since she was in middle school. A master’s-educated nurse who used to aspire to be a

Can you feel that in the air? It’s back-to-school time, and even though the traditional academic calendar doesn’t apply at WGU, many of us Night Owls have kids in K–12 or even college classes that do follow the standard semester model. For those students, the end of August and beginning

Baguettes: They’re not just for picnics anymore. Vicki Mazur is a math and computers teacher in California, the type of teacher who sees a need in her classrooms and fills it. For example, when she started teaching computer science after 15 years of being focused on math, she was dissatisfied

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