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Chantel is your typical WGU student—and by typical we, of course, mean extraordinary. She is a wife and a mother of three, and she works full time as a dedicated nursing professional. For busy adults with families and plenty of grown-up responsibilities, even the thought of going back to school

Dierdre de Gravina began her post-secondary education in 1990 at a small technical college in Quebec, Canada. Initially, she had been accepted into the Canadian Armed Forces as a pilot but was suddenly forced onto an alternative career path. Dierdre crashed her motorcycle, leaving her unable to walk and unsure

Mobile apps and software are making a difference in all aspects of our lives—including at work. Education is no different, and K–12 teachers have no shortage of mobile apps that offer to help them become better, more-organized, more-creative, or more-effective teachers. We’ve compiled this list of apps that we’ve come

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