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Value-Based Care


Advance Your Career with a Certificate in Value-Based Care


As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based payment, individuals who can confidently lead and transform care delivery will be in high demand. WGU's Value-Based Care Certificate is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the education and training they will need to advance in their workplaces and lead change.

Our robust training curriculum provides the foundation to help you become proficient in value-based care. You will develop skills and competencies that align with the organizational competencies found in the Accountable Care Atlas and that will help prepare you to transform care delivery to a more financially accountable and outcomes-based healthcare model.

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Weekly time commitment 

5–10 hours

Learners should plan to dedicate 5–10 hours a week to the program. 

Program cost


Tuition covers all program costs. 

Program consists of

3 courses

The courses in this certificate program cover 9 competencies.

Developed In Partnership With:

As a leading healthcare data and analytics platform, Innovaccer recognizes the importance of reskilling the healthcare workforce to support the industry's transition to value and digital transformation. Technology is the crucial enabler, but it's people that take the actions that make a difference. Industry transformation requires a new workforce competency to deliver on the promise of value-based care. Without a workforce that is effectively reskilled, healthcare won't be able to leverage unified healthcare data, integrated workflows, and advanced analytics that can improve population health outcomes, bend the healthcare cost curve, and help eradicate inequities. To this end, Innovaccer has partnered with WGU to provide subject matter expertise in the development of a contemporized curriculum for scalable, high impact workforce development in healthcare. Innovaccer is also raising awareness of these programs to expand access for those wishing to advance their knowledge and career opportunities in an industry rapidly transitioning to value and pervasive digital engagement.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc., the Health Cloud company, is a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company committed to accelerating innovation in healthcare. The Innovaccer® Health Cloud unifies patient data across systems and settings, and empowers healthcare organizations to rapidly develop scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Innovaccer’s solutions have been deployed across more than 1,000 care settings in the U.S., enabling more than 37,000 providers to transform care delivery and work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped organizations unify health records for more than 24 million people and generate more than $600 million in savings. Innovaccer is the #1 rated Data and Analytics Platform by KLAS, and the #1 rated population health technology platform by Black Book. For more information, please visit


Value-Based Care Courses

Value in healthcare begins and ends with the competency of the team. The courses in the Value-Based Care Certificate program are designed to support you in developing industry-validated skills and competencies for value-based care to meet the meet the specific and ever-emerging needs in the healthcare industry as it shifts to value-based payment. The content is relevant to industry standards and is provided by respected leaders and subject matter experts in the field.  

The certificate program is a self-directed, competency-based program you can complete on your own schedule. We recommend dedicating 5–10 hours per week to successfully complete the program.  

The 3 courses and 9 competencies in this program are:

Learn to lead and operationalize value-based care initiatives. 

The competencies in this course will enable you to: 

  • Explain the influence the current structure of the U.S. healthcare system has on health outcomes and care delivery.  
  • Explain public policy objectives and motivations of value-based care as it influences organizational objectives and key roles.  
  • Construct a comprehensive case for how an organization should respond to the value-based care movement. 

Learn how to apply and implement value-based payment methods.

The competencies in this course will enable you to:  

  • Evaluate value-based payment models. 
  • Evaluate the impact of a value-based payment model based on current organizational performance data and a cost-effective analysis of clinical and nonclinical services.  
  • Create internal compensation programs that align with an organization's value-based payment objectives.  
  • Develop mutually agreeable strategies and goals with strategic partners, organizational stakeholders, patients, and caregivers.  
  • Design a reporting system to manage stakeholder expectations around processes, performance, and responsibilities.  
  • Implement a stakeholder engagement plan for value-based care initiatives. 

Learn to adapt care delivery for a value-based care system. 

The competencies in this course will enable you to:  

  • Determine with relevant stakeholders an appropriate care delivery approach based on evidence-based research and organizational performance, resources, and structure.  
  • Create a quality improvement plan that aligns with organizational objectives, existing regulations, and value-based payment parameters.  
  • Implement a new care delivery approach through leadership, stakeholder training, and continuous performance feedback.  
  • Assess organizational performance based on predetermined cost, quality benchmarks, and regulatory requirements.  
  • Communicate information about issues related to implementation and organizational performance of value-based care initiatives. 

Why WGU?


Top accreditations mean that your certificate is respected by employers and peers. You will get a quality education that is valuable in the industry with this value-based care program.

On Your Schedule

You can continue working at your full-time job or maintaining your responsibilities while earning your value-based care credential. You don't have to log in to classes and there aren't due dates. You are in charge of your program.

Alumni Network

When you enroll in the nursing education certificate program at WGU, you join an impressive network of healthcare professionals. Over 18,000 students earned healthcare degrees from WGU in 2020 alone, and are hard at work, changing the lives of patients and impacting communities.

Accredited, Respected,

One important measure of a degree’s value is the reputation of the university where it was earned. When employers, industry leaders, and academic experts hold your alma mater in high esteem, you reap the benefits of that respect. WGU is a pioneer in reinventing higher education for the 21st century, and our quality has been recognized. 



An Affordable  Certificate

By charging per term rather than per credit—and empowering students to accelerate through material they know well or learn quickly—WGU helps students control the ultimate cost of their programs.


Total cost

For this certificate program, there are no additional fees.


Here's What You Can Expect from This Value-Based Care Certificate Program

  • Learners must have access to internet and have a computer and external webcam. 
  • You will take the proctored objective assessments and submit your performance assessment for evaluation by our WGU Evaluation team. You will have three attempts to pass the objective assessments. If you are unable to pass the objective assessment on the third attempt, you will be withdrawn from the program. 
  • The program’s orientation course will introduce you to the full program experience and prepare you for success.
  • This certificate program will be self-directed, similar to other WGU competency-based courses, allowing you to complete modules as quickly as you master the material. 
  • You are responsible for maintaining your pace toward completion and being self-directed in your coursework.
  • Learners should plan to dedicate 5–10 hours a week to the program. 

Are You a WGU Graduate?

Just like the courses in a WGU program, all courses in the Value-Based Care Certificate program will be competency-based, allowing you to complete modules as quickly as you master the material. Unlike a WGU bachelor's or master’s program, the certificate program does not include program mentors or course instructors. You are responsible for maintaining your pace toward completion and being self-directed in your coursework.


Real Results for Your Career in Healthcare

Upon completion of the certificate program, learners will be prepared to:

  • Lead and transform care delivery in a more financially accountable, outcomes-based healthcare model.  
  • Guide their organizations through value-based care initiatives.  
  • Apply core competencies in value-based care, health IT and analytics, and patient-centered models of care. 

Upon demonstration of competency and successful completion of this certificate, learners will be awarded: 

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