Motivating Students to Complete Their Online Degree Program

John Bolke, WGU Mentor
Faculty and Staff

As a mentor, my role is to help motivate and encourage students to complete their online degree program. Every student has highs and lows, and my job is to be consistent and to maintain contact with them throughout their entire program and help them graduate. The biggest accomplishment I have is to take a student from day one up until graduation.

Our degrees are challenging. But I think every student can be successful if they are willing to work hard. The ones who are most successful are those who have good time management skills. The best way to explain the competency model is taking someone with 10-15 years experience and testing them so they can move on to things they don’t have as much experience in.

I had a student that I began advising three years ago, when I began advising her she was a burned out nurse, as she went though our program, she changed jobs to a manager. As she continued to work through her degree, her boss took notice of her, and offered her a promotion once she completed her degree. I got an email from her last month, and she is now an executive at her hospital. She went from a nurse to running the entire hospital!

My students have taught me the value of hard work, education and staying focused on a career goal. I love to watch students change and grow while at WGU. They came from experiences where they needed a career change; they needed something more in their life. Being able to watch them apply the skills learned at WGU to their life and succeed is an incredible experience.

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