WGU Can Help You Earn the College Degree You've Always Wanted

Mike Leavitt, Former Utah Governor and Co-Founder of WGU
Community Leaders

We had a dream; some might have called it a fantasy. We had a vision that could value learning, not time. That could deliver knowledge where people are, as opposed to people having to go where the knowledge is. That is why I joined with 18 other governors to create Western Governors University back in 1997.

WGU is all online, and competency-based, making it ideal for rural students and for working adults who can't attend a traditional campus. Today, WGU has thousands of students. One of those students is my son, earning his MBA in Healthcare Management. Like many adults today, he is working full-time, has a family, and attending class on campus during the day is just not an option. WGU works great for him and it can help you earn the college degree you've always wanted and needed, on a schedule you can manage, at a cost you can afford.

This isn’t about one institution—it’s about a fundamental change in the way higher education is delivered. Because it's right, it's real and it's efficient, and that's what higher education will need to succeed.

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