A Flexible Solution that Fits into "Real" Life

Ron Whitson, College of Business Graduate

What the WGU experience has meant to me and my family is mainly a sense of completion and accomplishment. When I was researching online universities, one of the things I really liked was that WGU actually had a graduation ceremony that people could attend. I remember watching the ceremony online and thinking, “That would be a neat thing to be able to do,” and I’ve achieved that. So for me, it’s a nice sense of achievement.

For my family, I have two daughters who will be starting college very soon, and it just became kind of important to me to be able to have college completed before I told them they had to go. The biggest advantage of coming to WGU for someone is that you will be able to complete your assignments and access your courses no matter where you are. If you’re out visiting someone, if you’re on vacation, if you’re up at the office late one night, you can log in, you can check your messages, you can get on the Communities, you can chat with some of your fellow students, and you can get the information that you need. The reason that I chose WGU (there are actually several reasons) is that my job currently requires a lot of travel, so the idea of having an online university, where I can log in when I’m on the road and actually complete my assignments was pretty important. I also liked the fact that I had a mentor assigned to me, someone I could talk to, and could help me out, and point me in the right direction when I got stuck, and also to provide some motivation when needed.

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