Top Five Online Learning Myths

Which one is keeping you from getting started at WGU?

Myth #1: Online courses are easy.

Not true. Online courses can be just as challenging as traditional programs provided you earn your degree from an accredited online university with a well-respected, challenging curriculum.

WGU is the only university to have received simultaneous accreditation by four regional accrediting commissions and the only exclusively online teacher education institution to receive NCATE accreditation. (Learn more about WGU accreditation.) The only easy thing about earning a WGU degree is the flexibility of being able to study whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

As online learning grows, education experts predict that online education will actually be more effective than classroom learning with the next few years. WGU and its innovative competency-based academic approach are one step ahead of the learning curve.

Myth #2: Employers won’t recognize my online degree.

Wrong. The large number of online learners (over 5 million and growing daily) are helping employers realize that "online" is simply another way to learn. Truth is, employers like the idea of having a more knowledgeable, motivated staff. Many employers appreciate the fact that online learning is less intrusive to an employee’s work schedule and obligations. And employers now realize they aren’t sacrificing quality either in hiring WGU graduates. Our Student Success and Performance Data back that up, too.

Myth #3: Online students miss out on student resources and social interaction.

Wrong again. At WGU, we realize your education is more than just studying. That’s why we offer you a plethora of learning resources to enhance your WGU experience. Online libraries, mentors, student communities—it’s all here. All you have to do is take advantage of it! You can learn more about the WGU Experience here.

Myth #4: Online programs are too expensive.

There is some truth to this one. In reality, most online schools are for-profit, and therefore are quite expensive. It all depends on the school. Because WGU is a nonprofit online university, we are able to keep our tuition rates low and the quality of our education high. There simply isn’t another school out there, online or on campus, that can compete with the affordability and value of a WGU degree. Learn more about WGU’s tuition rates.

Myth #5: All online degree programs are the same.

This is the biggest myth of all. Just like their on-campus counterparts, online institutions vary tremendously. You really have to do your homework. WGU has a unique history and noble mission. WGU is the nation’s only online university that’s competency-based. It’s also the only exclusively online university to be regionally and NCATE accredited. Created by the governors of 19 U.S. states to expand access to higher education, WGU’s tuition is less than half what other online institutions and traditional universities charge.

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